Jamf After Dark: All About Scripting with Armin Briegel

Scripting and automation "guru" Armin Briegel discusses his approach to making IT workflows easier for macOS.

April 13 2022 by

Tim Herr

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“The more I automated, the less work I had, and I am lazy by nature. I think most of us are.” That’s the working philosophy that scripting and automation “guru” Armin Briegel outlines in the latest episode of the Jamf After Dark podcast, hosted by Jamf channel program manager Kat Garbis and director of product strategy Katie English. Briegel works at Jamf as a senior consulting engineer, helping to come up with unique workflows for customers with highly specific and complicated needs. He has published five books, the most recent of which is macOS Terminal and Shell, and maintains the popular blog Scripting OS X.

Briegel grew up in Germany in the 1980s, dabbling in different computer types until he acquired an Apple PowerBook 160 in the early ‘90s. He worked for Apple as a systems and consulting engineer before coming to the University of Southern California as a systems administrator. He became interested in automation while in this position, taking advantage of the downtime between stressful imaging cycles to devise scripted workflows that would make his job easier.

Don’t miss this episode’s conversation, in which Briegel touches on topics including:

  • The most important command in his scripting toolkit
  • A cool tip for using Keychain Access and a useful command line tool for GitHub
  • Dealing with Apple’s removal of the Python 2 binary
  • Best practices for using other people’s scripted workflows
  • His favorite Jamf and Apple merchandise

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