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December 20, 2018 by Annie Halbert

Jamf After Dark podcast: Past, present and future

The Jamf podcast gives you an inside look at the people, teams and processes that make Jamf what it is. See what episodes we launched in 2018 and what you can expect in 2019.

The Jamf After Dark podcast was launched this August and it’s been a blast to get to talk to so many interesting Jamfs! The goal of the podcast is to give our customers a window into the goings-on of Jamf and to let our coworkers know a little more about each other. We want to give listeners an inside look into the people, teams and processes that make Jamf what it is. Transparency, right?

So far, Charles Edge, Max Polski and I have managed to interview people from Field Services, Release Management, Product Management, User Experience, Jamf Now, Jamf Connect, Marketing, and our illustrious CEO Dean Hager!

Just to recap the episodes so far:

We started off with a weekly episode release cadence and then… JNUC hit! Our amazing editor, Laura Sukowatey, got swamped getting all those JNUC videos edited and posted online, so we had to press pause for a month – but we should settle into a monthly episode release cadence as we turn the corner into 2019.

What kind of content do we have in store for the next few months, you might ask? We plan to move around the company and talk to people in roles we haven’t covered yet! We will bring in some people from Customer Experience (which includes Support) given how in touch they are with the day-to-day use of our software and customers. We’ll ask them to take us through some awesome new features and tell us what it’s like to live and breathe support cases all day long. The Services team will also join us, to tell us about their work with CIS guidelines (one of our most popular JNUC sessions for a few years running) and our Research team to talk about exciting work around Managed App Config.

The podcast isn’t just about what our products do; it’s also about how we build our products and manage our hosted environments. I’m excited to pull in some guests from the Engineering organization like Cloud Operations, Information Security, Software Engineering, Automation and Quality Assurance. We really look forward to them talking about the under-the-hood technical details of our products.

Just like at JNUC, we want to hear from our customers! We want to hear about the tools you use, smart workflows you’ve come up with, and other ways you get the most out of Jamf. Experience you share around this can elevate our employees’ and customers’ understanding of how you use Jamf, which will cause innovative workflows and greater understanding to better serve our customers. If you’re a Jamf partner, employee or customer, please email us at podcast@jamf.com with sponsorship offers, fan mail or episode ideas!

Annie Halbert
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