Jamf After Dark: Jamf Trust Employee Badge with Jamf and SwiftConnect

In this episode, Jamf co-hosts Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt are joined by Josh Jagdfeld, Jamf, and Brandon Arcement, SwiftConnect. The group discusses the partnership between Jamf and SwiftConnect and how it makes building access simple—from “street to seat”.

May 15 2023 by

Hannah Hamilton

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What is SwiftConnect?

To begin this episode, Brandon Arcement, CCO at SwiftConnect, tells us about SwiftConnect‘s mission as a leading provider of connected access enablement. SwiftConnect provides secure physical access control by giving employees digital passes for seamless access into their workplace.

SwiftConnect gives employees a self-service experience; to access their office space, they can add or access their employee badge on their iPhone or Apple Watch without IT intervention. This makes it easy for employees to walk in from the street and navigate through to their seat in the office in their seamless “street-to-seat” journey.

The Jamf and SwiftConnect partnership

The group then discusses the origin of the Jamf/SwiftConnect partnership and what problem it solves. Josh Jagdfeld, Senior Director of Technical Partnerships and Alliances at Jamf, explains how this partnership helps expand the Apple ecosystem; IT admins can deploy employee badges to Apple Wallet on their Jamf-managed devices as SwiftConnect securely powers the connection between devices and physical infrastructure.

Jamf and SwiftConnect aim to make physical access as on-demand, trusted and secure as logical access. The Jamf Trust app provides logical access by strictly verifying an employee and their device’s identity and security before they can access their employee badge. And SwiftConnect bridges the gap between logical and physical access by managing users, physical points of access and the connection between them, creating a “rich environment of awareness.”

The group continues by elaborating on the technical details of how these controls are implemented and how users’ privacy is maintained while using their digital badge.

Implementing secure physical access controls

For organizations to implement the SwiftConnect and Jamf integration, the group lists the following software requirements:

  • The Jamf Trust app
  • An MDM solution like Jamf Pro
  • Acceptance of Apple’s terms and conditions
  • A credential provider
  • A SwiftConnect license

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