Jamf + Lookout: Defending against mobile device threats

Our partner Lookout announces a new integration to expand the capabilities of their platform and the reach of Jamf Pro. With this partnership, organizations can deploy and provision iOS devices while protecting them against mobile threats.

June 7 2021 by

Sam Weiss

Four iPhone devices in four different colors.

As Jamf customers grow in the number of devices and Apple platforms they manage, the ability to extend the power of our tools into other enterprise platforms is critical. Interoperability is no longer a choice - organizations demand that tools work together, or potentially better together. Our growing Marketplace is a testament to the vendors prioritizing the Jamf platform for the benefit of admins and end users.

Today, our partner Lookout announces a new integration to expand the capabilities of their platform and the reach of Jamf Pro. With this partnership, organizations can deploy and provision iOS devices while protecting them against mobile threats such as phishing, network attacks and untrusted applications.

With employees spread out across the globe, permanently remote or in hybrid workforces, the combination of management and security is essential. Mobile devices are increasingly the device of choice for end users for their own productivity and preferences, and organizations need to proactively determine and monitor who has access to your data and how it is being used.

Integrating Lookout with Jamf Pro provides an assessment of the risk level of mobile devices in your fleet and enables you to dynamically modify access privileges and protect data.

“As more of our customers rely on mobile devices to access corporate data, they are looking for the best way to manage these devices and provide the necessary security while maintaining user privacy. The Jamf Pro and Lookout integration provides the solution for managing Apple devices while protecting user and corporate data from compromise.”

Benoit Delamarche, CEO, Netopie / France

Security risks for mobile devices are vast and varied

Mobile devices are engrained in our lives and — because they can feel like an extension of ourselves — users don’t always consider them vulnerable to security risks like phishing, malware and network attacks. They are.

But mobile devices are increasingly used to access corporate and cloud-based services, and the risk of data compromise if the mobile device isn’t secure can be severe. Any app can be used to deliver a phishing attack to a mobile device, including messaging, social media and even dating apps, not to mention work and personal email apps. If an employee clicks on a phishing link, attackers can steal credentials or trick them into downloading malware.

Another avenue for attacks that can put mobile users at risk is side-loading malicious apps from websites, not the App Store. These apps can lead to compromised devices and data. With this integration, side-loaded apps that expose sensitive information like personal information, or that may violate company compliance policies can be identified.

Not all trusted apps are safe apps. Trusted apps can expose sensitive data that may violate an organization’s compliance requirements. Visibility into apps in your mobile fleet, as well as the ability to report on and enforce organizational governance, is what organizations need to control access and permissions, as well as assess and prevent threats and keep users and data safe.

Failure to protect against these attacks can have severe consequences for an organization. For example, in the case where login credentials are obtained, a cybercriminal can gain access to your organization’s infrastructure and move laterally to identify and steal sensitive data.

Respect privacy while continuously assessing risks

With the integration of Jamf Pro and Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security integration, the risk level of your devices is continuously monitored, but in a manner that respects personal privacy.

With the Lookout Security Graph, machine intelligence analyzes telemetry data from nearly 200 million devices and more than 140 million apps. Millions of URLs are also continuously monitored, meaning threats can automatically be detected without ever inspecting the content of users' apps, even if the threat has never been seen before.

If a user’s device encounters a threat, Lookout will alert Jamf Pro of the specific threat. This enables an organization to determine the conditional access policies that enable and control access to sensitive corporate data. Lookout provides clear remediation instructions to users so they can resolve the threat and regain their normal corporate access.

Secure your fleet. Protect mobile endpoints.

By combining Lookout and Jamf, your organization can implement a holistic mobile device management (MDM) and security strategy that supports Apple iOS and iPadOS devices, while maintaining user privacy and the end-user experience.

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