Work how you work best at Jamf

At Jamf, we’re empowered to work how we work best… and no matter where we’re signing in from, we have the best tech for the job. Want to work from home? Pick your Apple technology package, and count on seamless connection to all the resources you need. Heading into the office? Our new employee badge in Apple Wallet makes coming and going easier than ever with just a simple tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch!

Today’s modern workplace means people all work in different ways, but we all have the same purpose: to empower folks by simplifying the way work gets done.

July 18 2022 by

Rachel Nauen

Three people on an elevator; two peek over one's shoulder as he uses keyless entry with Jamf and Apple.

Jamf puts people first: Our choice-based office model

We believe that one of the many reasons that Jamf is a certified Great Place to Work® company and one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For™ is because of our choice-based office model: an important part of putting people first.

Our offices exist as a service to our Jamfs, not a requirement. Our spaces are designed as our employees use them: for community, collaboration and amenities you can’t find elsewhere— such as our self-service tech vending machines. Do you do your best work entirely remotely? Prefer a day or two in the office a week . . . or five?

We welcome every way that Jamfs work best. In fact, freeing positions and departments from geographical or office boundaries is part of how we successfully compete worldwide for the best of the best.

Transforming our employee badging systems with Apple Wallet

Modernize your workplace with Jamf and Apple.

We believe in Apple and its ability to transform the digital workplace. So when Apple releases an exciting new capability, we are determined to make the most of it.

Jamf employees can now securely add their employee badge to Apple Wallet and enter our offices by simply tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch to a reader, with no need to unlock their device. Goodbye to our physical employee badge cards!

Employees already use Jamf apps to access Mac, software and mobile services, so it made sense to leverage Apple Wallet to take the employee experience to the next level: modernizing building access through the ease, convenience and security of employee badge in Apple Wallet.

And for those 1000 new employees that have started since the pandemic began? No need to get that physical access badge from the mailbox — just add your employee badge in Apple Wallet and you’re ready to go.

We know how to work well together across the globe.

Our existing infrastructure made pivoting to remote-only for the early part of the pandemic so easy that it took us just 24 hours for every single Jamf to get set up for productivity at home.

We have also successfully hired and remotely onboarded nearly 1000 new Jamfs during the pandemic, thanks to Jamf’s Apple Enterprise Management system.

Now the majority of Jamfs work entirely remotely, and we expect most of them will continue to do so as we look forward.

Redefining the modern workplace

The workplace has changed, and organizations need the best technology to cater to that new way of working.

Using Apple products and Jamf technology, our employees can:

  • Enroll their personally-owned iPhone into Jamf - while keeping their privacy and personal content intact
  • Choose the apps they need to be creative and productive from Self Service, without worrying about them staying up to date, thanks to App Installers by Jamf
  • Easily connect to printers, company resources and more, no matter where they’re signing in from
  • Stay secure without worrying about their device performance being impacted thanks to Jamf Protect’s ‘built for Apple’ framework

Jamf is always thinking about the end-user experience, and in this case, it's our employees!

Transform your workplace with Jamf.

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