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With the acquisition completed earlier this year, Jamf welcomes Wandera to the fold with spirited conversation to highlight the new security-focused offerings in mobile threat detection, as well as to provide further information on how they integrate into the greater Jamf software family to form solutions that comprehensively protect devices, users and data.

October 19 2021 by

Jesus Vigo

“Wandera really came about as a result of digital transformation.” As our host, Michael Covington, Ph.D. states at the opening of the presentation. This goes hand in glove with shake to traditional forms of doing business, whereby organizations have moved (or are in the process of moving) business operations to the cloud in response to the rapid remote and hybrid work environment adoption since the beginning of the global pandemic.

Simply put: the adoption of mobile technologies within the enterprise was the catalyst that really allowed businesses of all sizes to really leverage corporate-issued or BYOD devices for use outside the enterprise perimeter, to access organizational resources. In turn, this allowed users the freedom and flexibility to remain productive from anywhere — not just at a desk behind the corporate firewall.

Security for the modern workplace

Employing an “end-to-end set of technologies”, Covington goes on to speak about the three software applications and what they do to help organizations achieve adherence to security objectives while working with - not against - the remote/hybrid work environment shift.

The technology that drives security

  • Jamf Threat Defense (Protect): The mobile threat defense (MTD) focuses on protecting endpoints from security threats, both on-device and in-network and supports managed/unmanaged mobile OSes, such as iOS & Android.
  • Jamf Data Policy (Manage): This service focuses on managing data usage outside of the perimeter. Comparing its services to that of a next-gen Firewall, it monitors connections that go out to the Internet and can be configured for content filtering alongside policy enforcement.
  • Jamf Private Access (Connect): A VPN replacement that reimagines remote access, based on the Zero Trust security framework to provide protections for business applications utilizing fast, secure connections to services that are on or off-premise.

Would you like to know more?

Of course you would and we have plenty to share during JNUC 2021! Among the great presentations available, those looking to really sink their teeth into the newest Jamf security acquisitions should look for presentations that include Jamf Threat Defense, Jamf Data Policy, Jamf Private Access — all of which provide deep dives into each individual application and how they work together to protect mobile endpoints, communication and enforce compliance.

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