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May 10, 2018 by Garrett Denney

Jamf Now adds Web Clips

See how you can leverage Jamf Now to deploy Web Clips and create shortcuts to your Home screen (iOS) or dock (macOS) that take users directly to a specific page.

With our first product release in May, we’re excited to take the wraps off the newest Jamf Now feature: Web Clips!

Web Clips are the best way to efficiently and securely navigate to specific web pages on Apple devices. With Web Clips, you can deploy a shortcut to your Home screen (iOS) or dock (macOS) that takes you directly to a page of your choosing.

There are a number of ways you can deploy Web Clips. We’ve outlined two of our favorites below. Have additional ideas? Give us a shout on Twitter and let us know how you’re deploying Web Clips.

Improve efficiency
Boost your team’s productivity with the power of Web Clips. Particularly in organizations that routinely access a small number of web pages frequently throughout the day or week, Web Clips can save you the time and hassle of navigating to a specified web page over and over again.

Streamlining your team’s browsing experience is as easy as opening a Blueprint, navigating to the new Web Clips tab and creating a clip for the destination of your choice. Whether it’s an employee handbook, an online quoting tool or a digital store, Web Clips will help your team reach the website they need faster than ever.

Improve security
Use Web Clips in combination with Jamf Now’s security settings to make your browsing more secure. Jamf Now has a number of restriction options that can help lock down devices. By leveraging the power of Web Clips, you can disable Safari access altogether but still allow access to specific web pages via a clip.

This is a compelling use case for companies that don’t generally need internet browsing capability on their devices but may want to allow limited connectivity for things like company web pages, e-timecards and more. Additionally, in sensitive work environments or in situations where it doesn’t make sense to have full browsing access — like at retail point of sale locations — Web Clips can facilitate navigation directly to specified resources without opening the floodgates of general internet browsing.

Next steps
The beauty of Web Clips is that the two workflow improvements above are just the tip of the iceberg. How you use this versatile tool in your organization will unlock new ways of saving your team time and making your organization more secure.

Web Clips is live today for all Jamf Now customers. For more information about Web Clips, check out our tutorial or release notes.

Garrett Denney
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