Jamf Now unveils Single App Mode enhancements, Teammates feature

See how Single App Mode and Teammates enable Jamf Now customers to take their deployment and management of Apple devices to the next level.

September 20 2017 by

Garrett Denney

Adding to an already robust mobile device management (MDM) platform, Jamf Now’s latest update brings two much-requested features to the software as a service (SaaS) solution: Teammates and enhancements to Single App Mode.

“Jamf Now has become a critical partner to organizations that use and rely on Apple devices,” says Nick Amundsen, vice president, Jamf Now. “Single App Mode and Teammates enable our customers to take their deployment and management of Apple devices to the next level.”

Single App Mode and Teammates are frequently requested features from Jamf Now customers. Below are brief descriptions of the new features, as well as possible use cases.

Single App Mode
Single App Mode empowers businesses and organizations to control the customer experience on iPads with a new level of precision.

“There are a growing number of apps that take a general-purpose iPad and make it function as a very specific kind of tool,” says Tad Johnson, product manager, Jamf Now. “With Single App Mode, businesses can now do that in a way that is controlled and secure.”

With the ability to force the device to stay in a single application and remove various functions like screen rotation and volume control, Single App Mode is a great tool for businesses looking to deploy Apple devices as public kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

Since 2015, Jamf Now has made registering, deploying, and administering Apple devices an easy and convenient way to power business. With the addition of Teammates, a new feature that gives organizations the ability to create multiple users with administration rights, teams of IT staff can deploy the tool and share administration access among several members of the team.

“Jamf Now is frequently used by small teams of IT specialists,” says Johnson. “With this update, each administrator can register their own discrete account to help manage deployed devices. It is a big step forward for user security.”

There is no limit to the number of Teammates you can add to your account. Because Jamf Now comes will all features included in one low price per device, adding Teammates to your account does not incur any additional charge.

In addition to Single App Mode and Teammates, we’re excited to announce an improvement to how Jamf Now handles large-scale deployments of 200 or more devices. This upgrade provides significant performance improvement to large-scale Jamf Now deployments and is effective immediately. Affected users will see the performance improvement the next time they log in.

Both features and the performance improvements are available now to current Jamf Now users.

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