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macOS Smart card questions answered

Posted in: Jamf Pro, Enterprise

With user-friendly and easy to use products, along with an ever-expanding ecosystem of apps and resources, it’s no surprise that Apple continues to make substantial strides in enterprise settings around the world.

And as more Mac devices find their place in financial and government sectors, these entities want to ensure the devices remain secure and compliant at all times. Apart from enforcing the built-in security features that come with every piece of Apple hardware, organizations can leverage Smart cards as an extra layer of security authentication on Mac.

To walk you through the ins and outs of macOS Smart cards, we put together a detailed document explaining the entire process. While blog posts are great, they’re not intended to house 26 pages of technical information. But technical papers sure are! Download the full paper to learn how:

  • Smart card support (PIV or CAC) within macOS has changed over the years
  • Local user accounts can be created to support Smart cards
  • Active Directory binding can be achieved natively or through additional tools to support Smart cards
  • Configuration profiles allow you to centrally manage and enforce Smart card services
  • Extension attributes make reporting on various Mac settings — such as Smart cards — easy

This only scratches the surface of the security information awaiting you. What’s the link to the macOS Smart card paper again?