New Work Anywhere checklist available

Jamf offers a new paper filled with sound advice on setting your organization up to be nimble. Follow these best practices from Jamf, OneLogin and BetterCloud to set your business up for cloud-first success. Ensure that your employees can work anywhere safely and productively.

March 22 2021 by

Sam Weiss

Work-from-home is here to stay

For organizations that adopted work-from-home policies due to COVID, it's been almost a year since employees packed up their desks and started working from anywhere. While the pandemic isn't quite over, it's as good time of a time as ever to reflect on how nimble (or fragile) our infrastructure and processes are to global distribution. Businesses need to continue with a focus on remote continuity tools like video conference and messaging platforms.

Even companies like Jamf that offered remote work options prior to this departure had to refine those workflows and make them scale to every employee. Unless your organization was 100% remote from the beginning, it's likely this adaptation took time.

Apple-based workforces fared better

Fortunately for organizations using Apple devices, cloud identity providers and SaaS applications, this change was much simpler. Zero-touch enrollment empowers a flexible and growing workforce wherever home base is. And when paired with other leading industry tools like OneLogin for identity management and BetterCloud for SaaS application management, employee onboarding and offboarding can be securely automated.

While there is definitely a spectrum of mobile transformation maturity, getting your organization started down the path is simple. Jamf, OneLogin and BetterCloud have assembled a Work Anywhere Checklist to make sure the first steps you take are in the right direction. Follow these steps and reach out to extend zero-touch beyond the device with Jamf, OneLogin and BetterCloud.

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