The future of business: How to work from anywhere

In the webinar, The Future of Business: How to Work from Anywhere, we'll help you make technology decisions today that strengthen your business tomorrow.

July 24 2020 by

Jonathan Locast

Anneke Langhorst

Earlier this year, the world was thrown into a situation where split decisions needed to be made for the purpose of safety. And when the decision was made to transition workers from offices to homes, the migration needed to go smoothly to ensure business continuity and employee productivity — no small task. For some, the infrastructure was there, but adjusting to new workflows, learning how to collaborate from a distance, and understanding how everything was going to work with these new circumstances proved to be demanding. Others realized overnight their infrastructure wasn’t robust enough to meet the new, mobile needs of employees, the data security demands of users outside the network, and required a change in the way enterprises and IT enable their teams.

The beginning was fast and furious, but the truth is, this change has left a lasting and potentially permanent impression on work. Even beyond demands being driven by a global pandemic, the workplace is becoming more mobile by the day. Employees and team members are expected to produce a high volume of high quality of work, but to do this, need access to the tools and resources necessary to get the job done from everywhere. Collaboration of teams on-site, off-site, and hybrid environments involving people both on and off-site are an everyday, regular occurrence for some. It is simply a part of the modern world, but it creates major questions and challenges that businesses have to be able to answer and overcome:

  • How has the workplace changed and ways to prepare for it
  • Steps to improve your onboarding experience
  • Tools and applications to enable remote collaboration
  • How to protect corporate data from anywhere

We talked a bit about how the world changed overnight, but what aspects are here to stay and in what ways can we prepare for it in advance?

How can you address remote onboarding needs while improving your onboarding experience in general? A proper and fine-tuned experience is a proven way for companies to increase their employee experience and retention.

How do we leverage third-party tools, applications, and mobile devices to seamlessly bring collaboration to everyone, regardless of where they are? Mobile devices and technology are incredible, and they can make our lives so much easier, but in the end, it is the people leveraging these tools that make the great work your business is known for producing. To do this, it requires the same team collaboration, communication and engagement, and that’s where leveraging and delivering technology across the entire organization comes into play.

How do we ensure that company data, intellectual properties, and most importantly, our customer’s date is protected when being accessed from anywhere? We now have workers at home, may eventually have more traveling, some in the office and some out – how do companies keep everything secure?

These four aspects are critical to the future of business and the concept of enabling work to happen from anywhere, but the answer doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might imagine.

Listen to our webinar on The Future of Business: How to Work from Anywhere.

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We at Jamf have a firm belief that the future of business will continue to be an ever-changing landscape as it adapts and develops to meet the needs of employees. We can help you make technology decisions today that strengthen your business tomorrow by first addressing these four aspects.

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