No office, no problems

Switching to a remote workforce is tough, but this company is built on it. Read Tumlinson electric's story about how Apple, PlanGrid and Jamf Now allow them to thrive with no office.

April 15 2020 by

Jonathan Locast

Being a company that facilitates and empowers employees to work remotely is tough, but this company is built upon that exact concept. With no office, technology is essential for Tumlinson Electric to bring their team together across multiple jobsites every day.

Relying heavily on Apple devices, the apps and software companies, like PlanGrid, that they partner with and Jamf Now to manage their devices from a central location, Tumlinson has created a company that is entirely remote. Spread out on jobsites or working from home, the Tumlinson team is completely nomadic.

If you’re anything like I was before talking to them, a million questions are running through your head. Questions about how they manage employee onboarding, meetings, team projects, HR, and many more. The simple answer is technology, but there is no doubt that their line of work and dedication to making technology work for them help create their success.

Teams are constantly collaborating with each other on and off jobsites, sometimes even within the same building on different floors, which means face-to-face, verbal communication just isn’t always practical. But that can’t hinder them from getting the job done. The world of electricians is a competitive one and keeping jobs on schedule is non-negotiable, which means they need to be able to trust their tech tools will be working.

But wait. With no office, how do they have a functioning IT team? Well first off, they don’t even have an IT team. Tumlinson has Brandi Watson who, by herself, makes up the IT team as only part of her job. So how does she do it and what can she achieve like this?

Read Tumlinson’s story to learn about their remote empowerment success.

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