Endless Learning Possibilities Inside and Outside the Modern Digital Classroom

We show how Jamf School can assist in providing the best learning experience for all students using Apple technology in the classroom or remote.

April 16 2020 by

Hans Doornbos

The world is changing as technology becomes more important every day. Unsurprisingly, the education environment has experienced drastic changes in the past few years as more schools embrace the new learning possibilities technology offers. And in today's climate, as many are forced to work and learn remotely, technology can serve as not only a bridge to support learning but lead the way in truly transforming educational practices.

Apple and education go hand in hand

Apple has long focused on education to help schools provide every student with the best learning experience. Dating back to the 1980s, Apple hardware and software have always empowered students to learn, create and explore through technology. Today, schools can leverage the full range of iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices, while IT can make it easier for them to get started and thrive with their device through programs like Apple School Manager, Apple Classroom and Apple Schoolwork.

Apple School Manager is a web-based platform to help manage your school's Apple devices. When paired with a mobile device management (MDM) solution, essential tasks like enrolling devices quickly or pushing apps and books in bulk to students’ Apple devices — without needing IT to manually configure each and every device — are executed efficiently and effectively.

Tools to get more from Apple education technology

Jamf School is an MDM solution for education, tailor-made for teachers. The Jamf School Teacher app seamlessly integrates with Apple School Manager and works as a companion to Apple’s Classroom app. The extended functionality Jamf School Teacher provides, such as messaging between teacher and students, ensures teachers that their students are focused on learning and engagement rather than games or social media. To make this a success, it’s important to prepare teachers for how to use technology in the classroom.

With the help of the Jamf School apps, teachers can prepare lessons and distribute content directly to the student via the Jamf School Student app. Teachers and students communicate using the in-app messaging tool; If the student leaves the classroom, explores the school’s library, goes on a field trip or is instructed via remote learning, the teacher can still manage their device.

At home, parents can manage their children’s devices with the Jamf School Parent app by restricting or allowing games, social media and apps at their discretion. Jamf Parent also has a watchOS version so parents find peace of mind from the ability to ensure security and learning for their children — and of course, time for fun — all from their wrist.

Education technology for today and tomorrow

Remote learning, whether in times of crisis and uncertainty, or as a response to a changing educational landscape, is shaping students and their educational experience.

Responsiveness and adaptability have never been as essential as they are today. Jamf School empowers teachers and parents with the ability to provide the technology students need to engage, collaborate and succeed in all learning environments.

To help you facilitate and thrive in a modern education environment, download our latest e-book. And when you're ready, take Jamf School for a free trial and put simple, yet powerful education technology workflows to the test.

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