Jamf School apps.

Maximize tech tools for teachers.

Maximize tech tools for teachers.

The Jamf School apps were designed to maximize tech tools for teachers. The apps make it possible to quickly and easily control and manage Apple devices. Jamf School complements Apple's own Classroom app — so the advantages of both systems can be conveniently used together seamlessly.

  • Students set-up their own device and stay focused.
  • Teachers prepare lesson profiles and communicate with students.
  • Parents help keep homework sessions focused and without distraction.

Jamf School Student.

Jamf School Student gives students restricted permissions over their own devices, allowing them to focus on their education without being distracted by unauthorized apps.

Setup your iPad

With the Jamf School Student app, students can manage their own iPad devices. They can install apps approved by the school and use documents stored in their personal iCloud drive.


Students can send messages to their teacher or use the ‘Raise a Hand’ function when the teacher has enabled two-way communication in the app to help with questions immediately.

Jamf School Teacher.

Jamf gives teachers the tools to manage their class and keep students focused on their education. With Jamf School Teacher, instantly restrict websites, apps, the camera and much more. Or, even lock all student devices at once with a custom message.

Whitelisted apps

Make only the Whitelisted apps available on student iPads. All other apps and associated notifications will be temporarily hidden from view.


Prevent the access and use of designated device functionality such as the camera, social media and web browsers.

Prepare Lessons

Create a lesson profile to enable the apps designated for that class for productivity while preventing the viewing of any other apps, reducing student distraction.


When the Weblock is enabled, students are only permitted to visit teacher-approved designated whitelisted websites within the Safari browser.

Teacher Help Guide

Information can be made available for any selected student device upon request. For example, the battery percentage for a device can be easily determined. Teachers can access helpful articles and multimedia with tips and tricks for teaching remotely.


Teachers are able to communicate with students about information and answer questions by using the Chat function or by email right in the app. They receive an immediate alert when a student needs help.

Jamf Parent.

Jamf Parent uses the power of MDM to provide management controls for parents, giving them the ability to limit apps and device functionality on student devices. Parents can access this on MacOS, iOS and WatchOS via the Apple App Store or via Google Play for Android.

  • Restrictions: Restrict games, apps and social media, or set up rules that restrict social media use to certain periods of time throughout the day.
  • Location: Receive a notification when the student arrives safely at school.
  • Control: Turn off apps whenever the student is riding a bike or walking in traffic.
  • Access: Create custom rules with the simple step-by-step wizard.

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