StateRAMP for Jamf School and Jamf Pro

We are pleased to announce that Jamf has attained StateRAMP Ready status for Jamf Pro and Jamf School. These efforts demonstrate our continued dedication to cybersecurity in education by meeting the highest security standards in how we protect our customer’s data.

September 12 2023 by

Mat Pullen

Three students work together on an iPad secured by Jamf, which is in 'Ready' status with stateRAMP.

What is StateRAMP?

StateRAMP was born in early 2020 from the clear need for a standardized approach to the cybersecurity risk management standards required by educational organizations and state and local governments. This critical cloud security assessment and authorization program is designed to ensure that products address the specific technology and compliance requirements of these public sector organizations.

With the increased focus on cybersecurity in the public sector, many education institutions and state and local governments are partnering with StateRAMP to streamline their cloud procurement processes.

What does this mean for education?

Cybersecurity in education is a large and ever-growing concern. Cybercriminals see education as a target due to the rapid deployment of devices over the last few years. With the fast pace of change, institutions need to trust that their cloud providers are appropriately managing their cybersecurity risk to protect their users and institutions. Learn more about Jamf's commitment to education.

What has Jamf done to achieve this state?

In order to ensure our public sector customers are able to meet their various regulatory requirements, Jamf has gone through the rigorous process to achieve StateRAMP Ready status for Jamf School and Jamf Pro. Although this certification applies most specifically to public-sector customers in the US, this work helps Jamf to advance our overall security maturity and increase our safeguards— which benefits all Jamf School and Jamf Pro customers globally.

We will continue to move through the stages of StateRAMP in order to ensure our systems meet these standards to keep our customers compliant and, more importantly, to keep our customers safe.

For more details, read our press release.

See for yourself how Jamf can help with your institution’s StateRAMP requirements.

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