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Supporting a mobile workforce: Acadian Ambulance Service

With nearly 50 years of experience, Acadian Ambulance Service understands the importance of constantly moving forward. That’s why their field medics now use Apple technology. Along with a powerful mobile device management (MDM) solution, Acadian said using iPad devices in their ambulances and helicopters propelled them into the realm of how healthcare should look in the 21st century.

Since its start in 1971, when a small group of ex-Vietnam medics began running ambulances for Lafayette and the surrounding area, Acadian always looked forward. Over the years, the organization grew to the more than 2,000 field medics that now deliver care across 74 counties and parishes in four states.

Knowing innovation is essential to delivering the best care possible, Acadian starting working with Apple in 2018. They discovered switching to iPad devices from their previous Windows-based tablets would save them roughly $2,200 per device. With medics in about 450 Acadian ambulances and seven helicopters relying on tablets to accomplish their jobs, this meant substantial savings to the company.

But Acadian’s Director of Technology, Joey Branton, said the shift to Apple wasn’t focused on monetary savings. Rather, they wanted to deliver the best device — period. “From my perspective, our crews’ jobs are hard enough,” he said. “We expect a lot out of them. So from the IT department, the last thing I want to do is give them a device that’s more frustrating to them than it is productive. That’s why we were very interested in getting into that environment where we had iPads and all the qualities they bring to the experience of our end users.”

While the ability to provide a solid platform to employees is important, so is the ability to protect patient information in a rapidly changing environment. With Apple and Jamf, Acadian is confident they have the market’s best solution. “We couldn’t reliably do business and give our customers faith in the security of their data if we didn’t have Apple and Jamf,” said Richard Pellerin, ePCR service desk supervisor, Acadian.

To learn more about Acadian Ambulance Service and how they provide a better experience to their employees and patients with Apple technology, read the full case study.