Takeaways from Jamf-attended healthcare shows

Throughout the spring thousands of clinicians, IT and Security professionals, and more attended healthcare trade shows to learn what is coming up for the healthcare industry. Here's what Jamf discovered about digital transformation in healthcare.

April 30 2024 by

Sean Smith

X-ray of a patient's teeth, displayed on an iPad managed by Jamf. The patient lies on a chair, hands folded, blurred in the background.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Trade shows on digital transformation in healthcare

Three major healthcare conferences were held early this year. If you missed them, read on to discover what the Jamf team learned and how our team can help you keep up with trends in healthcare.

Whether you attended ViVE in Los Angeles, AONL in New Orleans or HIMSS in Orlando, you probably saw a major focus on AI and cybersecurity. This went with a focus on healthcare digital transformation trends and the impact of technology in healthcare. Organizations of all sizes went to these trade shows to learn what is next in medicine, how technology can play a role in their processes, and strategies to help take healthcare into the future.

The three major trade shows that we attended this spring highlighted the following key trends:

  • The intersection of people and technology
  • Helping providers focus on providing care rather than the technology they use
  • Enhancing patient care with technology

HIMSS: shaping the future of healthcare

On March 11-15 in Orlando, Fla., more than 26,000 (and the largest international delegation to date) of the brightest minds in healthcare learned how to help build the digital transformation in healthcare of the future.

HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf set the tone when he said: "Technology alone doesn't do anything. It’s people, process and technology. All three have to come together."

Topics included:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Responsible use of AI
  • Clinical burnout
  • Better delivery of care through technology.

The floor was bustling with excitement to see the revolutionary developments in health tech from electronic medical record adoption to robotic dogs with remote monitoring techniques— never forgetting the real live furry friends at the puppy park.

Jamf and our partners highlighted the impact of technology in healthcare.

Jamf had a great showing at HIMSS this year with an average of nearly 220 scans each day. We had 30,000 visitors to our booth and our in-booth presentations focused on the large presence of AI and its implications in healthcare, cybersecurity, remote monitoring, and database access and protection.

Many of our presentations involved our wonderful partners:

Improving employee and customer satisfaction:
Scandit Keyboard Wedge is more than merely enterprise-grade barcode scanning. They offer workflow solutions that use the native camera of any camera-equipped smart device from smartphones to drones, wearables to robots. Its unique machine-learning platform combines leading-edge barcode scanning, text recognition (OCR), object recognition and augmented reality to add scanning into any field without any integration, with any app.

Mobile Heartbeat
Unifying providers for the highest-quality care: MH-CURE secures clinical communication through HIPAA-approved messaging on shared or BYO devices. Jamf Pro deploys the security settings needed to protect PHI risks and maintain HIPAA compliance to iPhones. This allows healthcare IT to avoid the need for containers or bolt-on security tools, which hinders user experience.

Navv Systems
Maintaining your fleet through asset tracking and management:
NavvTrack puts all of the information IT needs in one place when a device is reported missing. Navv Systems displays its current or last known location on a map, its battery status, its current network and more. IT receives alerts when a device leaves the medical campus, and allows department managers to place devices into lost mode.

Aila Technologies
Streamlining patient check-in and clinical workflows
: Aila’s patient check-in transforms practices by reducing patient wait times and data entry errors. It combines quick self-check-in via ID, insurance card or smartphone with an iPad-based patient check-in. It is replacing traditional PC-based clinician workstations with powerful iOS-based solutions that streamline workflows and free up staff. Healthcare practices can trust their 99% uptime SLA guarantee when they combine Aila’s remote status monitoring and mobile device management from Jamf.

Lana Health
Engaging patients every step of the care journey: Lana Health and Jamf Pro together allow health systems to securely deploy and remotely manage patient engagement touch-points in clinics and hospitals on both iPads and Apple TVs, without endangering PHI. This improves the patient experience and actively engages patients in their care.

Improve visibility into patient and caregiver needs: HatchMed’s HallMonitor allows IT to integrate room controls and notification systems to move iPads beyond patient engagement and into providing for the room of the future.

HIMSS truly had something for everyone and gave us all a lot to think about!

ViVE 2024

The stars were out at this year's ViVE event at the Los Angeles Convention Center from February 25th - 28th. ViVE drew a crowd of approximately 7,500 attendees that spanned C-Suite to new to the space innovators. Whether you were there to learn what is up-and-coming or to showcase how your organization is leading the way in healthcare, there was an opportunity to network and mingle with leaders from all over.

CISO, CIO, CFO, investors and start-up innovators met to discuss the impact of technology in healthcare.

At the conference's third year, Jamf focused on our security offerings. These attendees know they must build automation and IT tools that reduce workloads for already overloaded clinicians, and we know that Jamf is uniquely positioned to help.

Key themes included:

  • AI
  • Authentication
  • Automation
  • Workflow enhancements

Talking with Jamf customers

Current customers often stop by the Jamf booth, where we discussed with them how our security platform enhances the way they fold in provider BYO devices.

What we learned:

A current focus of attendees is AI ambient listening to change how translation and dictation is used in healthcare. The majority of exhibitors focused on Apple, and this year showed a rise in virtual nursing solutions and remote support.

Healthcare business leaders are beginning to better understand the need for security on corporate mobile devices to protect against phishing, spam, crypto-jacking and more. They also seek protection from endpoint threats such as malicious apps and actors.

More hospitals are investigating how much patient and hospital data is being used, and for what purposes. Jamf staff demonstrated how they can use acceptable use policies to control this access as well as to control data streaming volume. They are also gaining interest in device management and security for BYOD users on hospital staff.

ViVE continues to be an interesting conference with access to industry leaders!

AONL 2024

Nursing leaders gathered on April 8-11 in New Orleans to learn about the state of the nursing industry today and how digital is transforming healthcare

At the Jamf booth, we learned that nurses love using Apple devices and use iPhones and iPads in their personal lives, preferring to use a familiar device at work. They understand the importance of their IT departments in ensuring that their devices and applications 'just work.' They know the best IT departments can help them focus on patient care rather than troubleshooting devices.

Nurses are also concerned with securing and transferring data, and they need to work in an environment where patient data remains secure— only accessed by trusted and verified users.

How nurses use Apple in healthcare

Some of the most common ways nursing staff use Apple devices are:

  • Using Epic Rover: a secure way to access electronic health records for clinical review from mobile devices
  • Translating for patients when a professional translator isn't available
  • MyChart and patient education at the bedside
  • Patient intake/discharge forms
  • Virtual visits and virtual rounds

How patients use Apple devices

Patient-facing devices help ease hospital stays for patients by allowing:

  • Family chats
  • Access to MyChart
  • Calling for bedside help and requests for medicine, food, and more
  • Entertainment options for patients
  • Virtual visits from a hospital-provided iPad including their loved ones

Jamf's automatic device provisioning for shared devices helps nursing work enormously, as does the ability to deploy apps in 1:1 or shared device environments. Jamf's Healthcare Listener is vital for swiftly provisioning devices and digitally sanitizing (securely syncing patient data and removing it from the device when the next patient uses it).

Jamf's BYOD capabilities enable the increased popularity of physicians, executives, and other administrators using their own devices for work.

How Jamf solutions support nurses

Jamf Pro-managed iPad devices support virtual visits and telehealth. This helps nurses see more patients in less time; it also automates Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings right where clinicians work, freeing up time previously spent moving from patient care to office space with a computer.

The year ahead

Our team looks forward to meeting more healthcare business and clinical staff to discuss how Apple devices and Jamf can help them meet their goals!

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