Using Jamf Now Teammates feature to supercharge your team

See how the Jamf Now Teammates feature helps you introduce coworkers and leadership to mobile device management (MDM), and allows you to hand the management keys to colleagues when you take that long-overdue vacation.

January 24 2018 by

Garrett Denney

Running a modern organization can be a daunting task, particularly as technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. Operating systems change once or twice each year; applications and workflows often have iterative updates monthly; and information security seems to demand a new look every day.

Keeping on top of all of that is a tall order for anyone, but it gets even more difficult to keep everything in the air when it also includes the responsibility to oversee the office Wi-Fi network, maintain printers, or help new employees get connected to company email.

Kick the tires
Introducing mobile device management (MDM) to an organization is an exciting opportunity to enable more efficient management of existing Apple hardware and to help scale your adoption of Apple technology.

That said, it’s not uncommon for organizations to have questions about what MDM is and how it helps configure hardware, manage application deployment and improve your overall security posture. We recognize that the “kick the tires” phase of product discovery is a vital one for businesses small and large.

We’re passionate about giving you the chance to experience all that MDM has to offer before you become a customer. Particularly for new MDM users, having the opportunity to take the software for a spin before submitting a purchase order or lobbying a supervisor for purchase approval is one important way we put you in the driver’s seat and let you use the product with three devices for as long as you feel necessary.

So, don’t hesitate to add a coworker (or several!) to your Jamf Now account as you dip your toe into MDM for the first time. Shopping for an MDM solution is one time when having more cooks in the kitchen can actually be a very good thing.

Get some sun
It’s about this time of year that our thoughts turn to beachside vacations and sunny getaways, at least at our Minneapolis and Eau Claire offices as the real depth of winter sets in. But before you trade in your keyboard for a surfboard, give some thought to how you can create some redundant oversight of Jamf Now before you leave.

This is a particularly pressing issue for the many small and medium businesses that use Jamf Now. While an enterprise-sized organization might have the resources to devote an entire team — or multiple teams — to managing hardware deployment, a small organization will typically be a leaner and more codependent environment with less inherent redundancy.

Teammates is great for small and medium business teams that normally rely on one Jamf Now administrator. Support specialists, technicians and administrative personnel can all be tapped in a pinch to step up and help keep an eye on things while you’re away.

Finally, consider giving leadership more visibility into your device management program by adding them to your Jamf Now instance as a Teammate. Information is power and equipping your leadership team with a better understanding of your Apple deployment ecosystem is a great way to use the information available in Jamf Now to empower your business.

Whether you are part of a hierarchical team that reports up through a CIO/CTO or are a small team tasked with efficiently running a department in your organization, having more than one set of eyes on your deployment will give everyone a better ability to make sound decisions about hardware management, purchasing and security throughout the year.

Adding leadership to your Jamf Now account using Teammates is also a great reason to kick off a regularly recurring checkpoint meeting to look at your existing deployment and discuss ways to make it more efficient, plan for eventual hardware refreshes and more.

Next Steps
Teammates is just one way that Jamf Now can help your organization take steps to become more secure. If you’re ready to give Jamf Now a try, jump into our demo environment to look at the product now or sign up to get started with Jamf Now today.

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