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September 29, 2020 by Kathryn Joy

Using Jamf Virtual Visits

Critical challenges in healthcare caused by the COVID-19 pandemic needed solutions quickly. Together, UC San Diego Health and Jamf adapted preexisting technology to address these needs and lay the groundwork for the future of the healthcare experience.

In this JNUC 2020 session, Eric Boyd, an Apple Infrastructure Architect at UC San Diego Health, and Jonathan Yuresko, an Implementation Engineer at Jamf, discuss how COVID-19 posed new and immediate issues that needed to be addressed to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE), reduce physical contact between patients and care providers, provide a consistent level of care while acting quickly and agilely to maintain established safety protocols — amid a changing and unpredictable pandemic landscape.

Before COVID-19, UC San Diego Health had:

  • 700 patient bedside iPad devices
  • 250 Apple TVs
  • 40-60 deployed Apps

With Jamf's Healthcare Listener, UC San Diego Health was already limiting the need for regular IT support to protect the privacy and data of the patients with the bedside iPads by automatically wiping the device at the moment of discharge of patient transfer. And Apps were already deployed to provide video conferencing and communication for patient bedside devices, but there were gaps in this experience once care providing and the patient experience became fully virtual with the pandemic.

Addressing the gap was a phased process. From phase one, an audio-only conference system using the bedside phone to a phase two, video conference state, which allowed patients to meet with their care provider and share the conference with family or friends, the improvement in the patient experience was clear. The process, however, was not yet fool-proof. The process was not automated, and it was vulnerable to human error and gaps from patients' unfamiliarity or discomfort with the Apps and platform.

The solution: Virtual Visits powered by Jamf

Jamf's Healthcare Listener already provided the ability to wipe devices clear of patient information — protecting and securing personal and medical data— without needing manual IT intervention. The ability to of Healthcare Listener to keep workflows and processes simple and repeatable needed to be replicated for the communication solution, while ensuring security in video conferencing.

By leveraging workflows that Healthcare Listener already provided UC San Diego Health and Zoom as the video conference tool, which allows for sharing access to meetings in a device-agnostic yet secure manner using meeting login credentials, Virtual Visits was developed.

Virtual Visits by Jamf provides patient-to-family or patient-to-provider functionality, and institutions can use one or both of these solutions in their instance. With unique meeting IDs that are connected to the patient, multiple providers are able to join video meetings at the same time as family and friends, enabling a connected and comprehensive care experience. Whether you have Healthcare Listener in your toolbox or are looking to implement Virtual Visits as a standalone solution, Jamf's healthcare solutions are ready to meet your organization's needs.

Telehealth, Virtual Visits, and technology at the forefront of the patient experience is not a trend, it's the future of healthcare.

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