What does same-day support mean to you?

With Jamf ready to offer same-day support for a ninth year in a row, we asked our Jamf Heroes what same-day support means to them.

September 14 2020 by

Jonathan Locast

With Apple’s latest rounds of operating system (OS) upgrades just around the corner, new features, exciting updates, better workflows and new hardware awaits. But if you are one of our treasured IT folks, it is likely a very busy time.

OS upgrades are one of the greatest aspects of being an Apple device user. New operating systems come with almost everything listed above and new security enhancements to boot, all at no financial cost. The upgrading process is fairly simple, especially when it comes to iOS or iPadOS devices, but there is work to be done to make sure your users, and the organization as a whole, are ready for the newest versions.

App testing, workflow testing, ensuring nothing critical will be affected negatively nor will break with the update. Making sure any custom apps are compatible with new requirements. Updating profiles or Blueprints to make sure things are customized how you want and contain any new aspects or restrictions to encompass new capabilities. And plenty more.

It’s a tough task, but one that Jamf is proud to help you accomplish by offering same-day support to all of our users for the ninth year in a row. We know that providing support for users the exact moment Apple releases their upgrades is critical to their success and allows them to hit the ground running. It provides them the ability to get the newest features and updates in the hand of users sooner while controlling the situation to fit their needs and the organization’s.

But we wanted to hear from you, so we asked our Jamf Heroes, “Why does your organization love same-day support?” The responses were fantastic.

Security, security, security

One of the most frequent types of answers we received surrounded security. Many users are very focused on ensuring there is the highest level of security throughout their fleet. Same-day support allows them to make sure they have the latest and greatest and can make sure they are patched from any vulnerabilities. Throughout healthcare, education and enterprise organizations, security ranks as one of the highest priorities, if not the highest. Having that same-day support means they can upgrade knowing support is there.

Test time

Nothing gets updated without a thorough round of testing, which is something that many users list as the largest perk to same-day support. While there are certainly a fair amount of users that are part of Apple’s Beta programs, many look to same-day support as the ‘go-ahead” on testing. When features go live, Jamf’s support allows them to address alerts, PPPC or whatever else Apple introduces that needs new management parameters.

One responder said, “With Jamf offering same-day support for new Apple updates, we are always able to begin testing almost immediately, and then implementing those upgrades soon after.” Testing allows IT and InfoSec to give their teams the best while ensuring that that they won’t be holding anyone up from doing their job. It also instills faith in IT to be looking out for best interests of users and that is something we love to hear.

Jamf’s same-day support should be something that allows you, the IT team, to upgrade with a plan and be a hero for your user — all while knowing that Jamf is here to help.

Because we hate to wait

It may sound silly, but we at Jamf completely understand. We hate to wait as well. The tech world moves fast and we want to move fast with it. According to our users, same-day support lets users upgrade sooner and allows IT teams to rest a little easier about it all.

The feeling of getting your hands on the latest and greatest for the first time, testing it out, and imagining what new workflows are now available to you is one of the greatest feelings around. Envisioning what is now possible for you to do with your Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV, or the seamless crossover between using them together brings the anticipation to its peak.

So, go ahead! Upgrade when you want. And rest assured that you won’t be alone throughout the process. You can’t afford to be blindsided or caught off guard. We get it and we are here for you. Right. From. The. Start.

When the time comes, we have plenty of resources to ensure this OS upgrade season is your best one yet.

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