Read why JetRight turned to Jamf Now to manage devices and ensure they are FAA compliant.

JetRight started in 2017 with 5 private aircrafts and is based out of Nashville, TN
FAA deems iPads useable for flight teams during flight
Leverages Jamf Now to deploy apps and track devices no matter where located

Device management reaches new heights with Jamf Now.

The Challenge

Managing devices without physically holding the device is a challenge that many IT teams face. Its why they turn to an MDM provider platform like Jamf Now. JetRight, however, takes that challenge to new heights. JetRight is a Nashville, Tennessee based company that offers on-demand charter flights with a client list including CEO’s, country music stars, and professional sports teams. But as you may have guessed, challenges arise when it comes to making the lives of your pilots easier, while complying with the FAA’s strict regulations.

For years pilots and flight teams have had their preflight checks and aeronautical charts they are required to carry on paper. On top of that, these charts and state maps had to be renewed every 56 days meaning they constantly had turnover. Now, with the FAA deeming iPad and iPhone devices as compliant for flight teams to use, they have been able to consolidate it all into mobile devices. This announcement excited the industry, but meant they needed to find the means to not only invest in devices, but to also remain FAA compliant.

The Solution

Jared Weiss, a pilot with JetRight that also manages IT and who worked in Apple retail as a Genius, knew that if the right apps were made, JetRight could use Jamf Now to help manage their fleet across the country. With 25 devices enrolled into Jamf Now, JetRight was able to give their team apps like Fore Flight to provide all their aeronautical charts, Avianis for scheduling all flights, maintenance, and pilot schedules, and iPreflight to help with the task of weight and balance prior to takeoff.

Jamf Now allowed them to deploy web clips to the device so pilots can access instructions for testing their device battery life, an FAA required test. When a pilot left their device in an airport, they were able to turn on the Geo Location and recover the device. “You don’t have to be an IT expert to use Jamf Now. It’s easily deployable and saved us money. We used to be open to liabilities because we weren’t able to manage every device and keep things updated.” Being a pilot himself means he is always moving but with Jamf Now, Jared can manage every one of JetRight’s devices and that is a comfortable feeling.

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