mySugr: Onboarding and device security made easy

Vienna, Austria

With more than 3 million registered users, mySugr® is one of the leading digital diabetes management solutions globally. The company’s vision is to empower people with diabetes to lead a healthy life, freed from worrying about the daily grinds of their therapy. MySugr not only offers an app to manage daily health tracking, but also offers diabetes coaching, support and essential services, like billing.

mySugr employs about 200 people from their office in Vienna, Austria, and is part of Roche since 2017. The organization fully relies on macOS and the decision to exclusively use Apple devices fits the innovative startup culture of mySugr, says Berhard Schandl, Head of Technology at mySugr. “We started developing our product, which is a mobile app, on iOS. And obviously if you do iOS app development you need to have Mac.”

“We did some research and, in the end, Jamf® really brought the best ratio of costs and benefit and covered exactly the functionality that we needed for our use cases.”

Berhard Schandl, Technical Director at mySugr.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition to Jamf, the solution was first implemented on a watch-only mode, where the IT team had full visibility but did not change anything in order to observe the functionality. Then the planned changes and configurations were implemented step by step. Employees could be ensured that they would not be monitored with the new MDM solution, but that it would make everyone’s work easier.

Growth and scalability without hurdles

Being a rapidly growing startup, mySugr was faced with the challenge of equipping a rapidly growing workforce with the best of modern technology as efficiently as possible. In order to keep the workload for the IT team manageable, Jamf Pro was hosted in the Jamf Cloud®. As a result, the two employees of the mySugr IT team have full control over the Mac fleet, consisting of 300 devices.

“People get to unpack their device, turn them on and are directly greeted with their name, then given a password in an envelope to log in to their device for the first time. Then our colleague from HR gives them tips about which platforms and links to use. Even with all of the management and pre-configuration possibilities, people are up and running within 2-3 hours. They arrive usually between 9 and 10 at the office and then they are handed over to their respective teams, then after lunch they can immediately get to work, which is super nice”, says Andreas Rumpl, IT Infrastructure Manager at mySugr.

Documentation: Security and compliance done right

German consumers are very sensitive when it comes to patient data, meaning mySugr placed great emphasis on the topics of security and compliance. Since the app provides a medical service, the company is obliged to provide extensive documentation and must have its working methods checked in regular audits by external parties and authorities. The primary goal is to reliably protect the integrity of the company and the data of its users at all times, for example when a laptop is lost or stolen.

Jamf Pro® offers extensive possibilities for remote deletion of data and protection against external access. At the same time, the internal system should function smoothly and with little effort. “Jamf really makes it easy for us to prove our compliance and security standards”, says Bernhard Schandl. He goes on to say, “Looking into the future I would say in the scope of mySugr our company and our team, we aren’t even utilizing all the possibilities that Jamf offers.”

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