St. Cyres School

St. Cyres’s iPad implementation kicked off with a conversation around restrictions. As a unique approach, instead of locking down student devices, St. Cyres left them almost entirely open for student use. This includes access to the App Store, iTunes and the iBook Store. “With this sense of ownership, we believe the iPad can be used more creatively by students to learn and complete school work the way that suits their development,” said Ian Stark, ICT manager, St. Cyres School.

Stark is proud of what they’ve accomplished at St. Cyres, but he cautioned that it wouldn’t be possible without the proper management tool. In 2015, Stark said he switched from his mobile device management solution (MDM) to Jamf Pro in order to provide complete support for all of the school’s iPad devices.

Download this full case study to read how Jamf allows St. Cyres to:

  • Provide zero-day support for all student and staff iOS and macOS devices
  • Install iOS 9.3 and introduce Apple Classroom to teachers as a way to engage students
  • Create a customized school App Store through Jamf Self Service
  • Restrict harmful apps from student devices
  • Deliver an elevated level of support for macOS devices, reducing the need for manual updates and software installs
  • Offer an elevated level of technical support within the school