Security Company Reached FedRAMP Compliance with Jamf Now

Data is used everywhere. Virtru is bringing data protection to businesses of all sizes and their partnership with Jamf Now is enabling them to continue to expand their mission.

Founders worked in national security
Started Virtru with Gmail end-to-end encryption
Medical community recognizes Virtru as a means to comply with HIPAA
Virtru navigates to government space
Utilizes Jamf Now to become FedRAMP compliant
Virtru easily sets up and manages devices with Jamf Now as they grow

Protecting Data, anywhere

Data is used everywhere. From small businesses to hospitals to government agencies, data is one of an organization’s most valued assets. As these organizations work toward rising to the challenge of meeting security needs, companies like Virtru are striving to make it easier to protect data wherever it’s created or shared.

Founded in 2012, Virtru knows that data protection is essential for both security and privacy but that many solutions are difficult to use and deploy at scale. Because of these difficulties, many organizations fail to adequately prevent data misuse, abuse or theft, or they create data silos that limit the business value and collaboration of data sharing that is fundamental for the modern working world.

With the goal of enabling companies to collaborate freely while protecting data, Virtru made their flagship product that creates end-to-end encryption of Gmail, meaning only the people that are authorized to receive and read an email are able to do so. Virtru has since expanded beyond just Gmail encryption to Google Drive, Microsoft Email, and others, taking the risk out of housing and sharing data and sensitive information for any organization.


Collaborate With Confidence

Virtru grants organizations the freedom to focus on their mission, innovate, and obtain the peace of mind that comes with the power of privacy. “Our mission at Virtru is to make privacy available to everyone,” said Gareth Stonebraker, Manager of IT Operations at Virtru. “From our end-to-end encryption of Gmail, so that only the people that are actually supposed to receive an email are able to open it, to ensuring healthcare organizations are HIPAA compliant and their patient data is secure, we make sure all of our users feel confident about the protection of their information.”

With the ability to offer this level of protection, Virtru made waves within both the Healthcare and Government industry where security is of the utmost importance. However, as they began to navigate their way into the Government space, they became aware that internally they would have to work to become FedRAMP compliant to ensure they were secure in storing and usage of customer data and communications through their Apple devices.

With roughly 150 Apple devices, 95% being Mac, Virtru had to figure out how they were going to meet the FedRAMP compliance needs. Luckily Gareth had previously used Jamf’s portfolio of products. Using his knowledge of Jamf’s capabilities, Gareth quickly became Virtru’s champion for bringing Jamf Now on board. Once it was realized that Jamf Now would be the solution to help Virtru meet key requirements in acquiring FedRAMP compliance, the question became: how long would it take to put it in motion?

Jamf Now is the simplest MDM solution to deploy. If you put your head down with the slightest bit of technical knowledge, Jamf Now is easy to set up and will make meeting some of the most stringent asset management requirements a reality.
Gareth Stonebraker IT Operations, Virtru

With Jamf Now’s ease of use, simple set up, and affordable pricing it became a “no brainer” and was able to be deployed, companywide, within a month. When asked about it, Gareth said, “[Jamf Now is the] simplest MDM solution to deploy. If you put your head down with the slightest bit of technical knowledge, Jamf Now is easy to set up and will make meeting some of the most stringent asset management requirements published by the federal government a reality. We are doing it with Jamf Now and deploying what we need in an hour. And it’s the most affordable MDM solution.”

Scaling Security and Compliance

Jamf Now has helped Virtru with device inventory, disk encryption, password requirements and system timeout enforcement, remote lock and wipe capabilities, OS versioning, and software version visibility. All of which is required to be compliant. With the company continuing to grow, new hires coming in and new devices needed, including more iOS devices, Jamf Now will continue to be used to easily scale with the company’s growth since it meets “100% of our FedRAMP goal”.

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