Jamf Protect EDU Overview

Endpoint protection built exclusively for Mac.

The demand for Mac in education is growing – and it requires dedicated endpoint security. Enter Jamf Protect – built for Mac to protect Mac.

Leveraging native Apple security tools and analysis of macOS system events, Jamf Protect creates Mac-focused telemetry and on-device detections that empower education organizations' security teams to identify threats. With unparalleled visibility into their Mac devices and real-time measurement against CIS benchmarks, organizations can improve their security posture to keep both users and data secure.

Download the PDF and see how Jamf Protect:

  • Offers visibility into built-in macOS security tools
  • Delivers real-time alerts to analyze activity on the device and proactively respond to threats
  • Audits against CIS benchmarks
  • Keeps students and staff secure and happy