Alliance College Ready Public Schools: Supporting Online Assessments with iPad

Hear how LA Alliance educators use iPad to administer secure assessments.

For today’s students, learning and taking exams with pencil and paper can often feel like a foreign experience. With technology becoming commonplace at home and in the classroom, LA Alliance set in motion the ability for its 9,000 students to securely take the CAASPP exam on the technology they were most familiar with—iPad.

“[Students] are very use to how to do things on the iPad,” said Kimberly Haagen, LA Alliance Assessment Specialist. “This is their security blanket and it’s a platform that allows them to feel comfortable and still take this test."

Watch this short video to see how LA Alliance leveraged iPad to:

  • Conduct formative assessments and high-stakes exams
  • Guide students to and lock them into a secure testing app
  • Support their technology initiatives and treat exam day like any other day

This is part of the JNUC 365 program.