Customer Success Story: Thriving with iPad at Counsyl

See how iPad, apps and Jamf Pro help Counsyl better interact with clients, doctors and healthcare clinics.

As a medical technology company specializing in genetic screening, Counsyl’s goal is to help people make smart decisions about their health, their family, and their future. To aid in this mission, Counsyl equips their on-the-go staff with iPads to make it easier to interact with clients, doctors, and clinics.

Matt Toresco, field trainer at Counsyl, says they implemented their iPad program a couple of years ago, much to the delight of their reps.

“Nobody likes to bring their computer out into the field” and you aren’t always able to run back to your car for a pen and paper, he said. "So what’s that in-between, what’s that go-between—it became the iPad."

Watch this short video to hear how iPad and streamlined Apple management software empowered Counsyl’s staff to:

  • Standardize the way they interact with medical professionals
  • Remain HIPAA compliant and ensure patient and clinical data remains secure
  • Distribute collateral from a centralized location to their reps in the field
  • Utilize Showpad software for better content management

"Being able to show doctors and clinics that we’re using technology this way, shows them that we’re at the forefront of the field and in technology,” said Amber Miller, Counsyl IT manager.

This is part of the JNUC 365 program.