Jamf Connect Overview

Empower users to leverage a single cloud-based identity to gain immediate access to the resources and apps they need to be productive.

Jamf Connect is purpose-built for Mac and mobile devices to connect users to the resources and apps they need to work by leveraging a single cloud identity. With both Identity & Access Management and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities, Jamf Connect allows users to connect to the resources they need in a secure manner.

By synchronizing local user account passwords with a cloud identity provider, organizations can remotely create new local macOS account, enforce a consistent password policy and manage local user account privileges. But its functionality goes beyond identity & access management.

Jamf Connect also helps organizations stay secure with Privilege Elevation. Users with standard access in macOS can request administrator rights for essential tasks like installing hardware drivers, installing software, or running commands that need sudo. Fleet administrators can require authentication to the cloud identity provider and provide elevation only if a user belongs to a specific group of users.

With Jamf Connect’s ZTNA capabilities, organizations can be confident that only trusted users on sanctioned, safe devices can access work apps and data. If a user loses permissions or a security risk is detected on a device, access to apps and data can be blocked automatically. And by leveraging Limit Application Access for Unmanaged Devices, ensure that only authorized and properly managed devices have access to sensitive applications and business resources.

The video provides a brief demo of how Jamf Connect works, but if you want to learn more, reach out to us.