Jamf Now or Jamf Pro?

Jamf offers two solutions for Apple device management: Jamf Now and Jamf Pro. The choice between the two should depend on factors such as the user's goals, the types of devices they need to manage, and their level of experience with Apple and device management. Jamf Now is suited for small businesses or teams without dedicated IT support, while Jamf Pro is better for larger enterprises with more complex needs. The two products offer features such as device inventory tracking, security measures, app and settings updates, and workflows to automate administration tasks. Both options come with support from the Jamf team.

  1. What factors should be considered when deciding between Jamf Now and Jamf Pro for device management?
  2. What kinds of businesses or teams would be best suited for Jamf Now and Jamf Pro, respectively?
  3. What kinds of features do Jamf Now and Jamf Pro offer for device management?