Extracting data from Jamf Pro: Hints, Tips and Tricks | JNUC 2023

Explore efficient methods for extracting data from Jamf Pro without solely relying on API, including scalability tips and alternative approaches.

In a session led by Ben Toms, Principal Software Engineer at Jamf, innovative techniques for extracting data from Jamf Pro were discussed, emphasizing methods beyond basic API use. The session focused on three key areas: implementing scalability best practices for Jamf Pro API, options for data retrieval in absence of SIEM for Jamf Cloud users, and novel ways to gather inventory data using configuration profiles.

Key highlights included managing the rate limit and concurrent connections to Jamf Pro API, applying error handling strategies like exponential backoff for HTTP codes, and optimizing device inventory data syncing. Toms emphasized using advanced search in Jamf Pro to streamline data extraction, reducing the need for exhaustive API calls.

For Jamf Cloud users without SIEM, Toms suggested leveraging API for notifications, recommending a read-only API account for proactive alert review. Additionally, the session covered using configuration profiles to disseminate inventory data to devices efficiently. These profiles can dynamically replace variables with required values, enhancing the data flow to devices.

This session provided valuable insights into maximizing data extraction from Jamf Pro, offering practical solutions and tips for IT professionals managing Apple devices in various environments.