Securing Apple Devices in Education: Peeling Back the Layers | JNUC 2023

Discover the evolving threats in education cybersecurity and how to effectively safeguard schools with a layered security approach.

In the JNUC 2023 session "Securing Apple Devices in Education: Peeling Back the Layers," Anthony Darlow, Consulting Engineer at Jamf, addressed the critical issue of cybersecurity in the education sector. Darlow highlighted that universities, now more than ever, are facing sophisticated cyberattacks. He emphasized the necessity of a layered cybersecurity approach in schools to protect both students and staff. This approach begins with leveraging the native security features of Apple devices, such as FileVault disk encryption, firewall protection, and user account passwords. When combined with Jamf School for mobile device management (MDM), these features are further reinforced.

The session also explored building upon Apple's technology with endpoint security. Tools like Jamf Protect offer advanced protection against Mac-specific threats, working in tandem with Apple’s security framework. Jamf Protect provides administrators with crucial insights into device security without hindering the user experience.

Finally, Darlow discussed Jamf Safe Internet as an essential layer for content filtering and web-based threat protection. This includes technology for blocking inappropriate content and guarding against online threats like malware, spam, and phishing. By implementing this comprehensive layered security model, combining Jamf School, Jamf Protect, and Jamf Safe Internet, educational institutions can significantly enhance their cybersecurity posture, safeguarding their digital environments against the evolving cyber threats.