Managed macOS Updates with Jamf

The Mac platform transition to Apple silicon, along with macOS Big Sur, required admins to change their approaches to managing macOS software updates. For many, using MDM commands to enforce software updates was completely uncharted territory.

Additional changes and enhancements to the MDM framework in macOS Monterey and beyond continue to provide new options for IT admins to consider. While Apple has shared more details regarding options and requirements for MDM update commands, the final implementations of those commands require MDM vendors to make -workflows- and sets of actions that can be triggered to take place. Legacy methods of managing macOS version control have changed, and newer options of deferrals combined with MDM commands that can override them can be more practical when enforcing managed software updates. In this presentation, we'll review a number of technologies involved in macOS software updates, and how to implement them with Jamf: Fundamentals of macOS updates, (with MDM commands and otherwise) Jamf Pro built-in approaches to macOS updates (MDM and otherwise) A couple of suggested best practices, according to what September 2022 looks like with updates State of, and what's new (including WWDC 2022 public summary) with macOS updates

If you'd prefer to read a summary, check out the blog.