How to Make Self Service Your National Treasure | JNUC 2023

Explore how IBM elevated their Jamf Self Service experience through custom workflows, dynamic branding, and user engagement strategies.

At IBM, Jamf Self Service plays a pivotal role in how users interact with IT. Recognizing its potential, IBM's IT team members, Jonathan Krauer and Noor Jabaieh, showcased in their JNUC session, 'How to Make Self Service Your National Treasure,' the ways to elevate this tool beyond its basic functionality. They emphasized on crafting a user-focused experience that reduces IT workload and enhances employee engagement.

The team focused on usability improvements within Self Service, such as leveraging Markdown for clear policy descriptions, updating icons for a modern look, and prioritizing categories to prompt user actions. They also transformed bookmarks into policies for instant updates and integrated IBM Notifier with Self Service for custom workflows.

One significant innovation was the development of a compliance workflow. This feature uses a script to check compliance markers, with IBM Notifier conveying the status to users through a visual cue. Non-compliant users are guided to remediation options directly from the prompt.

To aid IT support, policies exclusive to IT staff are in place. Using an extension attribute, the 'Help Desk Support' category can be displayed or hidden on user devices, streamlining the support process.

Krauer and Jabaieh also highlighted the importance of Self Service branding. They demonstrated how branding images can be dynamically updated on a schedule, creating an autonomous, engaging, and fresh user interface. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also encourages continuous user interaction with Self Service. This session provided insights into how tailored customizations and branding in Self Service can significantly improve the user experience and operational efficiency.