Creating the Perfect Mac Lab in K-12 Education

For in-class and at-home learning, many K-12 schools are leveraging 1-to-1 iPad programs. For many more, a Mac computer lab is made available to offer access to educational materials. Labs are a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure students have access to a computer with the apps they need to be successful, saving students and parents the cost of purchasing computer hardware and software. Labs also ensure digital equity for students who would not otherwise be able to afford these luxuries.

In order to set students up for educational and professional success, K-12 schools need to equip students with secure technology and a customized experience when they sit down at any computer in the lab. Here are three ways to do it, ranked OK, better and best:

  • OK: Binding to Active Directory
  • Better: Just-in-time account creation
  • Best: Cloud-based authentication with Jamf Connect

Download this PDF for full details on each option and determine which is right for your school.

Download PDF