Apple Event brings “Peek Performance” to keep users in the creative flow

Today’s Apple Event, "Peek Performance," introduced a host of new Apple devices and services to the market, kicking off with the announcement of Apple TV+ and exclusive new movies as well as Friday Night Baseball. But the real game-changer was the revelation of continued innovation on the M1 chip and the possibilities Apple Silicon brings to commercial and education organizations.

March 8 2022 by

Aaron Webb

iPhone SE offers classic functionality on a budget

With the announcement at the Apple Event of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in new colors, Apple reinforced the theme of going green, with the power efficiency and low environmental impact we have come to know and love from the latest Apple products.

Building on the two new shades of green, iPhone SE brings a new value iPhone to the market catering to new users. Boasting great specs at a lower price point, the iPhone SE represents a cheaper way for consumers to choose iPhone and increase the adoption of BYOD programs by commercial organizations, as well as a more affordable option for enterprise to offer iPhone as a choice.

M1 powers the new iPad Air

The new iPad Air has gained the benefit of the M1 chip for faster performance, 5G and support for keyboards as well as the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen. With that extra firepower behind the glass, iPad Air users can supercharge their workflows and processes anywhere and take advantage of the machine learning capabilities for immersive video conferencing with Center Stage.

Expanding the M1 family with M1 Ultra

But what about those who need more power? Enter M1 Ultra. M1 Ultra is the latest member born into the M1 Family. It goes even further to bring the most powerful chip to the market combined with industry-leading power efficiency. Apple is truly building the Mac platform to serve users across all creative and enterprise use cases with the expansion of the M1 offerings.

The M1 chip is currently carving out workflows that were never possible before. Pro users are able to experience a responsive, uninterrupted experience to push the boundaries of creativity. With the new Mac Studio and Studio Display, musicians, artists, engineers, photographers, video editors and many more Pro users will be able to create content on another level because of the innovation of the M1 chipset that will only be limited by their imagination.

Another home run for Apple

All the amazing features and products we saw at this latest Apple Event have become possible because of Apple Silicon and the platform for innovation it brings. The seamless integration of hardware and software, security and the consideration to the environment is empowering every user, from faster workflows, better creative flow right through to connectivity with friends, family and loved ones. We knew that M1 was game-changing, but this addition definitely knocks it out of the park.

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