Jamf Announces It Has Helped Customers Deploy One Million Macs Powered by the M1 Family of Chips

Jamf deploys, manages and secures more enterprise Mac devices than any company in the world, including 23 of the top 25 global brands

MINNEAPOLIS – December 7, 2021 – November marked the one-year anniversary of the introduction of the Apple M1 chip for Mac. Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF) today announced its platform has been used to help organizations deploy approximately one million Macs powered by the M1 family of chips. Nearly three quarters (74%) of Jamf customers already have at least one Mac from the M1-powered lineup managed in their environment.

“We’ve seen tremendous momentum for Macs with M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max in the market, highlighting Apple’s focus on computing power, efficiency and simplifying the customer transition to Apple Silicon on the Mac,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. “More than ever, since the arrival of M1, it is clear that giving employees the most powerful products, and the ones that they love has a huge impact on team morale, and ultimately, workplace productivity.”

“It’s been incredible to see the enthusiasm and momentum for the Mac lineup powered by the M1 family of chips among innovative businesses, prestigious learning institutions, and beyond,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Enterprise and Education Marketing. “It’s a testament to their reputation and strength in the market that Jamf is working with tens of thousands of business and education customers, providing solutions that help ensure everyone can do their best work on the Mac.”

More Macs with M1 deployed by Jamf than any other company in the world

Jamf helps customers deploy more Mac desktops and notebooks in enterprise than any company in the world, including serving the Mac needs of 23 of the top 25 brands in the world as ranked by Forbes. Jamf offered same-day support for the M1 chip last November, allowing organizations to take advantage of the newest and most secure Apple technology in their school or business as it became available.

In just one year, Jamf customers have deployed one million Macs powered by a chip in the M1 family. Nearly three quarters (74%) of Jamf customers have at least one Mac with M1 managed, with MacBook Air being the most popular model.

The latest Mac systems, coupled with Jamf, offer businesses numerous advantages

The benefits for organizations to deploy Macs powered by the M1 family of chips range from financial savings to improved employee satisfaction and productivity:

  • SAP, an enterprise software company, has deployed 3,500 Macs powered by M1 using Jamf in the last year, adding to its 30,000 total Mac fleet. When testing Mac with M1, SAP developers saw “remarkable” results regarding speed and app performance, resulting in increased cost efficiency. SAP has offered employee choice since 2008 and has seen demand for Mac quickly increase since then. SAP also has deployed over 70,000 iPhones and 17,500 iPads with Jamf.
  • Electric, a Jamf partner and IT tech company who manages a fleet of over 26,800 Apple devices for its small and medium-sized customers, has seen 158% growth in deployment of Mac devices this year. They note that the speed offered by Macs with the M1 family of chips is attractive to the many businesses they serve who are focused on quickly and securely onboarding employees with the powerful devices and applications they need.
  • Bartlett City Schools, an 8,500 student and 1,100 employee school system just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, deployed nearly 6,000 Macs powered by M1 this year. Using Jamf to deploy these devices decreased Bartlett's rollout time by two weeks, setting its fastest deployment pace ever. The setup process on the front end was much smoother and students were able to begin working on their new devices within the first few days of school. The new Macs powered by M1 make up around 45% of the district’s total device count, with 7,800 more iPadOS and tvOS devices, all managed by Jamf.
  • According to a recent Forrester Report, Mac saves enterprise organizations $843 in an average three-year device lifecycle, and lowers the risk of data breaches on an enterprise device by 50% per M1 Mac deployed.

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