Moving forward to M1

Shifting from Windows devices to M1 MacBook Airs: challenges faced and gains made.

Yuto Mughal, the IT support and device manager for Money Forward in Japan, discusses their journey to M1 Macs. Money Forward is a fintech company that aims to build an open and fair financial platform for individuals and businesses. They have over 40 services and 130 applications, with the majority of their employees using Macs, particularly software developers. Yuto explains their enrollment method for Jamf and how they manage conditional access. Finally, he discusses the challenges and lessons learned from their transition to M1 Macs.

  1. How does Money Forward use Jamf and what is their enrollment method?
  2. What were the challenges and lessons learned from Money Forward's transition to M1 Macs?

Session discusses Money Forward, Inc. shifting from Windows devices to M1 MacBook Airs due to global semiconductor shortage. The shift was from Intel Mac to M1 for development use. The challenges we faced in deploying those M1 Macs and the gains we made will be the focus of this session.