Amazon: AWS EC2 groundbreaking new solution

Amazon’s Vice President of Elastic Compute Cloud - EC2, David Brown, joined us by video to discuss innovations in AWS, especially an exciting new integration with Jamf.

Brown was excited to join the presentation and counts itself as part of Jamf Nation.

Customers said they would love development options available using AWS on digital mac environments. Customer feedback has been amazing: thousands have been able to innovate even further with easy and inexpensive abilities to test in various environments.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which currently allows developers to create multiple instances of macOS environments to develop and deploy new applications, now has a unique capability.

Brown announced that developers and admins can now manage virtual EC2 Mac instances with Jamf Pro just as they manage physical Mac devices complete with deploying policies, creating configuration profiles and installing software. It even allows for M1 environments.

And those who choose can be automatically enrolled in Jamf Pro as soon as they buy EC2 in the AWS portal.