Get the most out of Jamf: Hidden ROI and the resources to make it happen

Find out the hidden ROI and lesser known resources to achieve total success with Jamf.

Presentation by Eric Py, VP Business Development, Rocketman. Co-presenter Amy O'Connor, Partner Marketing Specialist, Jamf.

Jamf Pro is an extremely powerful tool, and while many of the results that companies expect to achieve once implementing Jamf are sprinkled throughout sell-sheets, website 'Learn More' tabs and general word of mouth, there are a lot of positive impacts that are a bit more between the lines. As Jamf only MSP, I've been able to conduct case studies and interviews with a number of our clients to find out just what some of those hidden ROI nuggets are.

Realizations such as reduced insurance premiums, complete changes in company perception of Apple in enterprise, quality of life improvements in varying roles and internal training capabilities are just a few of the more interesting topics we'll dive into that I learned about while conducting these case studies. We'll then take it one step further and share what some of the most impactful and less known resources are out there for companies to achieve total success with Jamf, such as a buzzing Mac Admin/ Jamf user group community, a myriad of helpful conferences like this one and more.