eSIM activation on cellular iPad supports remote work and learning

With work at home, learn at home and care at home the way of the future, understanding the capabilities and how-to’s of eSIM on iPad is increasingly important.

February 18 2021 by

Danny Porter

“What is an eSIM? I'm familiar with the SIM card that I physically take out of my iPhone or my iPad and maybe put into a new device, but eSIM isn't something I can see or touch.” The eSIM is touted with incredible abilities for the next generation of connected devices, and yet as an admin, we know that we need to be able to easily use them.

So how is an eSIM deployed?

Is it left to the carrier of choice to activate a device? And what if I purchase a device from another reseller or I need to switch my telecom carrier after my contract runs out? How can I keep my team connected, my students connected so they can be productive in an easy and simple way?

Throughout 2020, we saw schools and companies deploy iPad as the mobile device of choice for their mobile workforce or school-at-home at a greater rate than ever. Jamf was presented with a problem — help organizations activate their cellular-connected iPad devices en masse and in an easy way. Schools that were deploying thousands of connected iPads needed a way to mass activate iPad devices as they shipped them home or scheduled the devices to be picked up.

If you’ve purchased a cellular-enabled iPad since November 2018, you probably know what I’m talking about. And for those of you who don’t, you’ll see when the next cellular-connected iPad you get only has an eSIM as the way to connect to your carrier.

If you purchase your iPad from your carrier and need it activated it will come activated out of the box. If you purchase your device from a non-carrier reseller you will need to work with your carrier in order to activate the eSIM.

So how does this happen?

Documentation shows that you need the EID and IMEI then you send that information to your carrier representative. Once your device is turned on, you can use the camera and scan a QR code to have the device check-in with the eSIM server and pull down the carrier plan. To get the EID, you need to scan it off the original box, get it from the device settings or work with Apple.

That’s a lot of steps, and opportunities to get stuck.

Using Jamf Pro or Jamf School, admins can easily send the inventory information to the carrier rep and then wirelessly send the command to the iPad in order to connect to the carrier server. In just a couple of clicks, iPad devices across your entire organization or school can easily connect to your preferred carrier. Now you can easily connect and encourage productivity and a positive experience for employees or students — no matter where they are.

Check out our new e-book, eSIM Activation on iPad for Beginners, to see deployment, activation and connectivity of a cellular iPad is made easy with Jamf. And when you're ready to see the power of Jamf in action, request a free trial or contact your preferred Apple reseller.

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