Establishing a consistent, global Mac experience

After conducting a comparison of mobile device management (MDM) vendors, see why Paysafe chose Jamf to manage and secure its growing fleet of Mac devices.

July 16 2018 by

Jeni Asaba

With 12 offices across Europe, North America and Asia, Paysafe — a rapidly growing payments company that provides end-to-end payment solutions for businesses and consumers — needed a more strategic approach to Mac management amongst its employees.

“Our structure was primarily Windows based, but we still needed to find a way to incorporate our Mac fleet within the laptop plans for the company moving forward,” said Matthew, TL ServiceDesk, Paysafe. “We were looking for something that was going to make things more efficient on a day-to-day basis.”

Matthew said it was a challenge to consistently support their deployment of around 150 Mac devices among employees around the world. Each office had a slightly different setup and end-user experience. “We’ve grown rapidly, partly due to acquisitions, meaning we had different internal policies running at different locations,” he said. “We wanted to bring some consistency across all offices.”

Knowing around 50 additional Macs were about to come on board, the Paysafe IT team started the search for a better mobile device management (MDM) solution. “We were looking for a solution to manage and standardize our Mac fleet globally,” said Franco Damico, IT ServiceDesk manager, Paysafe. “We needed something that could push policies, manage software installations and, most of all, provide a secure environment.”

After evaluating the security standards and capabilities of other products, in the fall of 2017, Paysafe decided to move forward with Jamf Pro. A Jamf JumpStart then set the stage for a successful implementation.

Benefitting from the Jamf JumpStart

Not entirely sure what to expect, Matthew said he was pleasantly surprised by the three-day kickoff session. “The trainer showed us the tips and tricks of how to get people enrolled quickly and how to set up policies effectively,” he said. “It was a great process, and I wish I saw it more often.”

Contrary to previous implementation experiences, which included a short setup meeting and a support number to call, Matthew said the JumpStart was a different process altogether. “It was nice to have someone there with a lot of knowledge behind them,” he said. “And even after the JumpStart was done, they were very responsive in answering our questions and helping with the rest of the setup.” His colleague, Georgi Angelov, agreed. “The JumpStart offered a very good introduction and overview of the platform,” he said. “It also covered all the important features and makes you pretty familiar with the product in just a few days.”

Now, more than six months into their deployment, Matthew said the JumpStart experience initiated what continues to be a solid solution for the company’s Mac management needs. “I think for us it was essential. It saved us a lot of time just having the trainer come in.”

Moving forward with a streamlined approach

As a leading global payments provider that’s growing at a rapid rate, Paysafe is enabling more businesses and consumers to connect seamlessly through industry-leading capabilities in payment processing, digital wallet and online cash solutions than ever before. As they grow with Jamf Pro, they have the ability to provide a consistent experience for their Mac users — now and into the future.

Matthew said Jamf Pro is exactly what they hoped for and will help them successfully scale for years to come. “There’s a Self Service portal. We can check if the machines are compliant. We can help people unlock them with the recovery keys for FileVault,” he said. “Everything has been completely a different world in terms of having to support and manage these systems. We got all of our boxes checked off of what we wanted to accomplish.”

Want to see what streamlined Mac management can do for your environment? Take Jamf Pro for a free test drive and tell us what you think.

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