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November 7, 2022 by Tim Herr

Start your MDM comparison here

When searching for the best mobile device management (MDM) solution for your school or organization, see how Jamf compares to other vendors.

Purchasing a mobile device management (MDM) solution is a big decision for any organization. Before making the selection, it’s common for decision-makers to conduct an MDM comparison to get a sense of what’s out there and what solution best serves their needs. You might begin the MDM comparison process by compiling a list of available products and their capabilities in order to narrow your list down to the best MDM solutions.

On the surface, many of the leading MDM solutions on the market appear to offer the same set of features, so it might be tempting to allow an attractive user interface or a likable sales rep tip the scales in favor of one product. But it’s important to look beyond what each company promises and inquire into what active users of a solution consider its merits and faults.

You are also advised to evaluate not just a solution’s ability to meet your current needs, but also its potential to grow with your organization if you anticipate scaling up. If you realize after implementing a new solution that it doesn’t offer all the functionality you want, or if you can never get through to a support rep when you have a problem, you’ll soon find yourself in the market for a replacement service. It makes good sense to do your homework before committing to your next MDM solution.

What do Jamf users say about our MDM solutions?

Before we go into the reasons why we think our MDM solutions outperform our competitors’, there is plenty of information available online reflecting the opinions of our customer organizations and individual users. With a customer retention rate of 96% for our flagship MDM offering, Jamf Pro, our results speak for themselves. Reviews for our products are available at reputable sites like G2 or Gartner; you can use these to construct detailed comparisons between our solutions and the other Mobile Device Management offerings on the market.

Going beyond reviews, you can get a sense of how IT admins feel about Jamf by visiting our user community at Jamf Nation and browsing posts. You’ll find users offering workflow improvements and helping each other out with everyday issues, and you might be surprised by the levels of engagement and enthusiasm for Jamf products to be found here.

Tiered offerings to grow with your organization

One of the great things about Jamf is that you can get the solution or package that matches the size and mission of your organization. Small businesses without IT departments can start with the simple management capabilities of Jamf Now, then invest in the additional functionality provided under the Jamf Fundamentals plan when they are ready. Larger organizations such as corporations, healthcare systems and schools can hit the ground running with Jamf Pro and then add the Jamf Business or Enterprise plan to get the most out of their devices. It’s all part of our mission to meet customers where they are, from startup to maturity.

Great ROI to protect your bottom line

According to a study conducted by Hobson & Co. (H&C), using a proven Apple device management solution like Jamf Pro can lead to impressive return on investment (ROI), with such benefits as:

Simplifying IT management

  • 90% reduction in time spent managing apps
  • 80% reduction in time spent provisioning

Improving end-user experience

  • 60% reduction in end-user productivity loss
  • 15% reduction in the volume of help desk tickets

Mitigating risk

  • 90% reduction in time spent creating inventory reports
  • 65% reduction in time spent managing policy and setting changes

Using Jamf to automate more of your workflows can empower your organization to increase your productivity without having to hire new workers. It can also provide the opportunity to reallocate resources within your organization instead of laying off employees. By eliminating time wastage and unlocking new efficiencies, you can rapidly offset the cost of adopting a new MDM solution and lay the groundwork for greater budgetary freedom well into the future.

Finally, Jamf customers receive the advantage that we don’t only make MDM solutions – you can expand into our security and identity management offerings and enjoy the cost savings that come from bundling your selections. You can also operate with the confidence that all your tools within the Jamf platform will work perfectly well with each other, as well as with your favorite business applications from companies like Microsoft and Google.

A stable presence in the uncertain global market

Jamf is a major and firmly established presence globally, with (as of June 2022) our solutions used by:

  • 7 of the top 10 technology companies (as ranked by Fortune)
  • 9 of the top 10 largest companies (as ranked by Fortune 500)
  • 22 of the top 25 most valuable brands (as ranked by Forbes)
  • 15 of the top 15 largest U.S. banks by total assets (as ranked by BankRate.com)

This standing allows us to weather economic downturns and market fluctuations without slowing down, while our smaller competitors may cease growing or even go out of business when faced with the same challenges. Investing in a Jamf MDM solution means assurance that our services will continue to provide excellent outcomes no matter what happens to the economy.

In times of financial strain, it becomes more important than ever that your organization maintains a strong security posture and avoids breaches that could be catastrophic for your future. At Jamf, we believe that you can’t have effective security without good device management. Trusting Jamf to manage your device fleet effectively and to work smoothly with your chosen security solution(s) means that you can avoid threats with the potential to throw your organization off track.

Jamf benefits that make a difference

Same-day support for Apple updates: We reliably offer support for Apple’s operating systems and features as soon as they become available. This means IT workflows are never interrupted and users can be their most productive selves using the latest and greatest from Apple.

Support you can count on: All customers receive a dedicated Jamf professional who understands their environment and needs to a level unmatched by any other customer service model. We stake our reputation on it.

Automated patch management: Enjoy an automated way to combat security vulnerabilities. You receive software alerts so you can package and deploy patches to the appropriate devices immediately.

On-demand app catalog: Place all the apps, resources and tools your users need in one central location with the Self Service app. All they have to do is retrieve and download when they need them.

Largest Apple IT community: When you don’t want to turn to support, or just want to see how others are managing their Apple devices, Jamf Nation and its 100,000+ members are ready and available to lend a helping hand.

Services and training: We want you to get the most out of Jamf and Apple. That’s why we help you implement your MDM tool and if questions arise, we can schedule on-site days to help troubleshoot anything that comes up. To enhance your IT skills, we offer several levels of training and development — in locations all around the world.

What do our customers say about Jamf MDM?

Almost convinced? It might help to hear what some of our customers had to say about using our MDM solutions:

“We started with Jamf, but did test out other MDMs along the way. Testing resulted in expanding Jamf usage. After researching other MDMs, I chose to stay with Jamf due to the stability of the product and ease of use.” —Alison W, Technology Manager

“I think when it comes to leveraging a MDM solution that works with others, Jamf is and should be your main focus. Jamf partners with Microsoft, Okta, Azure and others to help ensure your business runs effectively and productively.” —Dominic V, IT Systems Engineer

“Having the ‘Apple’ of the mobile device management world in our toolbox has absolutely been a game changer.” —Justin F, Systems Engineer III

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