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October 20, 2021 by Jesus Vigo

Google Chrome and Jamf

Google Chrome for Apple and Jamf make a powerful partnership for managing and supporting macOS and iOS-based devices. In this JNUC session, learn about the latest additions to Google’s Chrome Browser that help Mac admins make short work of deploying and managing the software.

Jamf and Chrome on macOS/iOS

Alex Bauer, customer engineer, Google espouses the virtues of deploying Google Chrome on Apple devices and the simplicity of utilizing the Chrome Browser Cloud Management console, which provides a single pane of glass for all your unified browser management needs. Additionally, the following benefits are available to Mac admins managing Chrome with Jamf from the cloud:

  • Proactive security
  • Enables productivity
  • Centralized management
  • Get help from Google
  • Cross-device continuity
  • Manage extensions
  • Apply policies
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • API support

Google’s BeyondCorp Enterprise

Next, we’re introduced to Google’s newly released BeyondCorp Enterprise solution. “This is Google’s Zero Trust solution that provides simple and enterprise-grade secure access to business-critical and cloud services directly from Chrome.”, according to Bauer. The core benefits of the Google Chrome device management solution fall into these three buckets:

  • Visibility and reporting
  • Advanced data protections
  • Advanced threat protections

Chrome roadmap

Rounding out the presentation and demonstration, information on the roadmap of newly released products, as well as the upcoming release information for services coming soon are provided:

Chrome on macOS

  • ARM-based PKG and DMG
  • Target channel and version rollback
  • Policies implemented in Admin console
  • New update mechanism (Q4’21/Q1’22)

Chrome on iOS

  • Chrome Browser Cloud Management integration
  • Additional policies to be added as needed

Visit the Jamf Marketplace for access to this and other powerful software integration options.

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