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October 9, 2018 by Daniel Weber

How to get more out of your education technology

To help district leaders, IT, instructional technologists and teachers get the most out of their education technology initiatives, we put together several resources explaining best practices for deploying, securing and managing iPad.

Education technology is one of the best ways to engage students and foster a more collaborative learning environment. Apple continues to raise the bar of what’s possible with technology in education with every release of a new iPad and iOS.

While purchasing iPad devices is a great first step in providing students and teachers the tools they need to succeed, there are best practices — and things to avoid — to ensure you’re getting the most out of your education technology initiative.

We consulted our iPad management experts to help you identify and avoid five common pitfalls that have plagued technology programs in the past. The below guides offer insight for district leaders, IT, instructional technologists and teachers.

Education technology mistakes to avoid:

iPad deployment procrastination
If you’ve ever waited until the last minute to enroll your iPad devices and get apps deployed, you’ve most likely ran into problems. Read this guide to see why procrastinating is a recipe for disaster and discover a new timeline — which includes iOS best practices — that will leave you prepared and confident.

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Device enrollment snafus
If you’ve ever purchased iPad devices through a retailer like Best Buy, you’ve most likely had questions about how to get these devices enrolled in Apple School Manager (formerly Device Enrollment Program or DEP). Read this guide for step-by-step guidance on enrolling your independently purchased iPad devices right alongside your Apple-purchased.

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Evading Apple School Manager
If you’re not already enjoying the device and classroom management benefits of Apple School Manager, download this e-book for step-by-step guidance on migrating to Apple School Manager, creating and importing classes, and tips for getting the most out Apple’s education service.

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Locked iPad disruptions
If you’ve ever had students turn in iPad devices without properly logging out, you know the headache that can ensue when trying to get these devices out of Activation Lock. This book provides step-by-step guidance for bypassing Activation Lock and helps ensure valuable education technology isn’t collecting dust on the shelf.

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App deployment mayhem
If you’ve ever wanted a tutorial on best practices for app management, download this e-book for guidance on quickly going from app purchase to deployment.

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By conquering these five scenarios, you’re well on your way to delivering the best education experience possible, but your school is most likely going to need more down the road (or now).

When it comes to Apple device management, one solution rises to the head of the class — Jamf Pro. More than 6,000 schools rely on Jamf to help them deploy, inventory and secure over 7 million devices. So, whether you need help with one of the above scenarios, or have a whole new situation on your hands, we can help.

Take Jamf Pro for a free test drive and start getting more out of your education technology today.

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