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More than an MDM, Jamf also collects extensive inventory of Apple devices and exposes that to our admins. Learn more about Jamf's Solution Partner Program at our webinar on Tuesday, July 30th.

July 18 2019 by

Sam Weiss

Supporting an expanding ecosystem of Apple developers

Apple devices are used in more places and for more use cases than ever before, partially due to the ecosystem of amazing developers. You don’t have to be Steve Ballmer to know that developers rule the world and give purpose to these hunks of metal.

The relationship between enterprise app developers and deployment solution providers is important. Consumers have the benefit of app delivery via the App Store while organizations deploy their apps with mobile device management (MDM) solutions, including Jamf Pro. MDM is the preferred way for larger organizations to deploy apps, manage settings and enforce security policies. But Jamf is more than an MDM. Jamf also collects extensive inventory of Apple devices and exposes that to our admins, and provides granular tools to take actions on these devices in order to support use cases that we’ve never even heard of.

And now, your app can make use of all of this as well.

Jamf has powerful developer tools, including a well documented and tested API and Webhooks that allow your app or service to become tightly integrated, contextually aware, and can provide management of specific settings inside your apps. Jamf’s dominant position in the Apple device management space ensures that our shared customers will benefit from the work we do together.

If you have customers that are new to the Apple world, we can help tell the zero-touch deployment story that will ensure your app or service scales within an organization quickly. But we want to take you and your customers beyond basic management strategies and move to a world where we are offering tight product integrations that lead to a better Apple device experience. Together we can reduce the number of taps a user needs to be productive. We can ensure the security of a device before allowing access to business sensitive information. We can give organizations a customized app experience without a vendor compiling and maintaining multiple copies of those apps for every MDM vendor they want to work with.

We also have an emerging portfolio of products. We can work with you to understand how you might reduce those taps required to get started with your app even further — including the ability to make use of SAML or OpenID Connect providers, and even more native Apple technology like Touch ID and Face ID.

Jamf’s management capabilities, Developer Tools, APIs and proven history with Apple devices puts us in a unique position to help your app be more accessible, more secure and better integrated with the rest of your customers' environment. And we’ll help you get the word out, too.

If you would like assistance in the form of webinars, solution briefs, Marketplace listings and other unique co-selling opportunities, we can help there as well. Our teams are aligned to bring market awareness to the best apps and services with Jamf Pro integrations.

We are having a webinar on Tuesday July 30th to talk more about the Solution Partner Program, and give an overview of these technologies. Please register for that webinar here.

So let’s talk. Get started by applying for Jamf’s Solution Partner Program at the link below. Whether you need to discuss the developer tools or a go-to-market plan, we are ready to begin that conversation.

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