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May 22, 2023 by Randon Ruggles

Jamf 170 Course and Exam Release

Check out the latest certification course available from Jamf, focusing on endpoint security.

We are excited to announce the release of the Jamf 170 Course and the Jamf Certified Endpoint Security Associate Exam.

Check out the Jamf 170 Course

The Jamf 170 Course is an introductory certification course focused on macOS security features, Jamf Pro, Jamf Protect and best practices to keep your fleet safe. Similar to the Jamf 100 Course, it is available online, self-paced and all content is offered for free.

Also similar to the Jamf 100 Course and the certification obtained by passing the Jamf Certified Associate exam, you can obtain certification in the Jamf 170 Course by passing the Jamf Certified Endpoint Security Associate exam.

Why should you take the Jamf 170 Course?

It’s no small ask to keep computers secure and safeguard user data. Jamf Protect provides the toolset to identify malicious activities, source analytics, and leverage MITRE ATT&CK framework intelligence. Even if you’ve been managing Apple devices for a while, the proper usage of security tools can be a lot to take in. That is why we designed the 170 to help you build a framework to understand and employ the features of Jamf Protect from the ground up. Like the Jamf 100 Course, we start with a core set of content and plan to expand the curriculum over time. The current Jamf 170 Course contains 9 core lessons separated into three main sections.

We believe it’s crucial to provide context for the many features available in Jamf Protect. In this course, we start with the basics by covering security features available on all Mac computers. Many of these features are configurable by users, can be monitored in Jamf Protect and enforced with a mobile device management (MDM) solution like Jamf Pro.

Next, we explore the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, CIS benchmarks and the macOS Security Compliance Project. These frameworks are critical to understanding how malicious actors try to exploit security vulnerabilities. By understanding how and why exploitative activities are executed, we prepare you to mitigate those endpoint threats.

In the final section, we dive into Jamf Protect and explore alerts, analytics, plans and much more. You’ll learn how to monitor and mitigate threats, leverage your knowledge of the MITRE ATTA&CK Matrix, and use CIS benchmarks to preempt dangerous activity. We also introduce a simulated Jamf Protect environment, where you’ll create alerts, prevent lists, actions and plans. This allows you to complete tasks based on lessons in the 170 Course to check your understanding before jumping into a live environment.

After completing the Jamf 170 Course, you can test your knowledge with the Jamf Certified Endpoint Security Associate Exam. You can prepare to get certified with the section reviews, practice exam and interactive simulations.

A solid understanding of the content offered in the 170 not only prepares you to succeed in the Jamf 370 Course, but to start using Jamf Protect to secure endpoints in your organization and ensure the safety of your users.

Start your training today

We are pleased to offer the 170 and the associated certification exam to you and your colleagues. Our goal is to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences, and look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you and let’s get learning about endpoint security!

Learn more about the Jamf 170 Course.

Randon Ruggles
Director, Customer Education
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