Jamf 100 Course milestone: 10,000+ Jamf Certified Associates

We’re proud to recognize the accomplishment of over 10,000 individuals who’ve become better trained in both Apple products and Jamf Pro by passing the Jamf Certified Associate Exam.

March 16 2023 by

Randon Ruggles

Group of adults throwing graduation caps in air celebrating passing Jamf Certified Associates examination.

In our mission to help organizations succeed with Apple, Jamf online training courses are an important resource for not only IT admins, but also for any individual interested in our products. A cornerstone for demonstrating key competency: successfully passing the Jamf Certified Associate Exam, based on the content of the Jamf 100 Course.

All of the Jamf 100 Course content is free to access online.

Today we’re excited to recognize the milestone of over 10,000 Jamf Certified Associates.

Jamf 100 Course: Core competencies and self-paced learning

The first version of the Jamf 100 course was launched in March of 2017, offering an introduction to Jamf Pro for new and existing IT professionals managing Apple devices.

This online course allows students to learn about Apple products and Jamf Pro at their own pace, with an enterprise-focused foundation for iOS, macOS, mobile device management, and best practices for succeeding with Apple. The goal: helping customers spend less time figuring out how to do something, and more time getting it done.

Eighteen months later, the Jamf Certified Associate Exam was released. Individuals who have taken the Jamf 100 Course may choose to take this exam to prove competency in their training.

This online exam provides a cost-effective option to get vendor-certified, offering both a strong resume-building opportunity for those new to the tech industry, and confidence for moving forward with higher-stakes certification options.

Not quite five years later, we’re proud to recognize the individuals who’ve passed this exam – to date over 10,000 Jamf Certified Associates. That's about six new Associates per day that have learned a little bit about Apple's platforms, can manage computers and devices with configuration profiles and policies, and are just a little closer to fulfilling their aspirations to be a Jamf Certified Tech, Admin, or Expert.

Congratulations to all those who’ve devoted their time to becoming better trained in Apple management and Jamf Pro. Thank you for the contributions you continue to make to not only your organizations, but also as valued members of the Jamf Nation Community!

Journey to becoming a Jamf Pro

The Jamf 100 Course is just the entry point to a number of learning experiences we offer for individuals interested in management and security certifications with Jamf.

Check out the other training and certification options available in our training resource center to continue learning.

Ready to get certified? Complete the Jamf 100 Course content and take the exam.

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