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Jamf Account is an online portal where you can find and manage features related to your account with Jamf. You can access Jamf products, manage your Jamf identity, enroll in training courses, participate in Beta/RC programs, and more!

November 17 2023 by

Christie Vick

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Read on for highlights of how Jamf Account enables you to unlock the full potential of everything Jamf has to offer, accessed from one convenient place.

Jamf Shorts

The Jamf Shorts (or "Jorts") for Jamf Account are now available on the Learning Hub, providing additional guidance on common workflows!

Jamf ID multi-factor authentication for Jamf Account

Jamf ID continues to be the default identity in order to access Jamf Account and other Jamf resources, like Jamf Nation and the Jamf Learning Hub.

Users logging in with Jamf ID have an option on their Jamf Account Profile > Security page to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via TOTP codes (e.g. apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.) Other factors such as SMS or email-based MFA are not supported.

Screenshot of a Jamf Account screen.

Admin SSO

Organization administrators can now configure their identity provider (IdP) once, in Jamf Account, with the configuration persisting across all Jamf products that implement login via a customer’s chosen IdP.

Single-sign-on screen for Jamf Account.

Users who rarely access Jamf Account — e.g. only at renewal time — will no longer have to create or remember their Jamf IDs. Enabling users to configure SSO credentials both increases efficiency and decreases the risk of forgotten passwords.

For users who do not have an identity provider or choose not to configure it with Jamf, the login experience will remain as Jamf ID or the application’s legacy authentication method. For more details read our Admin SSO blog.


View available training courses, manage your upcoming enrollments and download certificates for completed enrollments in the “Training” area.

Screenshot of the training page on Jamf Account.

Training passes are also available for purchase for either individuals or organizations. These can be applied during course enrollment.

Team member management

Manage all of your organization’s contacts and their access to Jamf in the “Your Organization” area.

The “Your Organization” section in Jamf Account allows you to:

  • Add new team members to the organization’s account. This action automatically sends contacts an invitation to create a Jamf ID if they don’t already have one.
  • Remove team members when they leave the organization.
  • Manage access to Jamf products.
  • See who changed what and when within Jamf Account via “Activity History.”
  • Assign roles (Decision Maker, Primary Technical, End User, Finance) and privileges:
    • An “Organizational Admin” can add, remove, or manage team members.
    • A “Viewer” has read-only access to “Your Organization” feature.
    • “None” does not have any access to the “Your Organization” feature.
Your Organization area in Jamf Account.

Jamf Pro upgrades

Don’t forget that customers can upgrade standard Jamf Cloud instances directly from Jamf Account. If your Pro instance is not on the most recent version, you see an “Upgrade” button. You are given a choice to either upgrade immediately or to schedule a specific date and time.

For those customers with an active Premium Cloud instance, you will now see a ‘Schedule Upgrade’ button on the Jamf Pro page in Jamf Account. From there, you are able to pick from the available time slots provided by Jamf to choose when your instance will be upgraded. This upgrade request will be listed in the Activity History in the ‘Organization' section. You will also receive an email notification once the upgrade is completed.

Note: The new capability will not be available for GovCloud environments.

View these features and more: log into your Jamf Account portal.

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