10 Essential Takeaways for Jamf Pro Mac Admins from JNUC 2022

In this JNUC session, William Smith of Jamf reviews the top things new Jamf Pro Admins should know to make using Jamf Pro easier and more productive.

September 28 2022 by

Laurie Mona

Ideally, technology should simplify your life. These top tips for Mac Admins promise you the inside track on how to work smarter with Jamf Pro, to make your admin work easier.

Whether your organization is new to Jamf Pro, or you’ve moved into a role held by a former admin, it's possible to miss out on important details when you’re introduced to the wealth of information shared during onboarding training. When you’re new to Jamf MDM, it can be challenging to take it all in.

In the JNUC 2022 session, “10 Things New Jamf Pro Admins Should Know,” Jamf Partner Program Manager, William Smith, shares information Jamf Pro Admins should know to make using Jamf Pro easier and more productive.

Onboarding and beyond

Smith polled his fellow engineers for topics that may get lost during onboarding – or maybe weren’t even covered at the time.

While he promises a top 10 list, he actually delivers several more by the session’s end!

Helpful tips for a new Jamf Pro admin include:

  • A cheat sheet of translations for Windows users new to MacOS management
  • Handling provisional enrollment to Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager
  • Requesting a free Sandbox for Jamf Cloud customers
  • Tools to simplify moving objects, create status alerts, and more
  • Migration from on-premises to Jamf Cloud
  • Simplifying APNS push certification renewal
  • What alerts, information and messages to pay attention to (and where to find them)
  • How to manage release notes
  • How to manage new installer packages

…. Plus even more!

Check out the full session to get up to speed on all the details you need to know to elevate your Jamf Pro administration skills.

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