Integrate Google tools seamlessly into your Apple ecosystem with Jamf

Explore how Jamf integrates Apple devices with Google enterprise tools to maximize productivity and security for end users.

March 23 2022 by

Sam Weiss

Google icon on iPhone.

Pairing Google with Apple in the enterprise should be like introducing peanut butter to jelly. These two ecosystems complement each other, creating something special where the whole is greater than the sum of their parts. The solution that makes this not only possible, but simple: Jamf integrations that bring together the best of Google enterprise architecture with the Apple hardware and operating systems employees love.

In our webinar, Searching for IT Simplicity with Jamf and Google, we teamed up with experts from Google to discuss the intersection of Google and Apple from an IT perspective, and explore how using Jamf to integrate Google tools helps you maximize your productivity, security, and end-user experience.

Connect your identity

The goal of using a single identity for your entire corporate experience makes sense. The fewer unique passwords a user has to remember, the more streamlined their experience – not to mention fewer password reset IT tickets. Thanks to Jamf Connect, admins can integrate cloud identity providers with macOS for a seamless user experience. In our webinar, Mike VanDelinder, Jamf Connect product management, demonstrates the Google Cloud Identity experience for macOS. This begins with account provisioning, and continues to provide value by syncing password changes to the machine. Jamf Connect is a great solution to handle cloud identity management for 1:1 computers or shared resources.

Google Cloud Identity also extends into Jamf Pro, allowing admins to associate devices to users and pull in other relevant information from the directory service they already use. Smart Group automation extends identity information, turning it into automation. The benefits of this are not only seen on day one of a new job, but also during computer refreshes, and the daily automation of otherwise manual tasks. The Google Secure LDAP Connector is found inside Jamf Pro.

Manage your device and browser

Jamf administrators are familiar with Apple device management – but the concept of enterprise browser management is fairly new. Deploying Google Chrome is simple, especially now with Jamf’s new App Installer functionality. But that’s not where the experience needs to end. Chrome Browser Cloud Management provides administrators complete control of the Chrome experience. With hundreds of policies, your organization can craft the tailored browser experience needed to satisfy user experience goals and security requirements. In this webinar, Alex Bauer from the Chrome enterprise team demonstrates how to create Chrome enrollment tokens, perform remote actions like clearing cookies, view reports of extension usage and set a home page policy. Using Chrome Browser Cloud Management, you can make sure that your corporate browser strategy is supported with a management framework. For more information on managing Google Chrome on Apple hardware with Jamf, see our e-book.

Protect your corporate data

Securing access to corporate resources is more important than ever. In today’s world of remote work, employee choice and BYOD, employees could be working anywhere, on any type of device, with varying levels of security, trying to access sensitive resources. Jamf and Google both have a commitment to security, with technology and integrations to back it up. Google BeyondCorp, Google’s Zero Trust implementation, uses Chrome to protect data in transit and compliance signals from Jamf as a BeyondCorp alliance to ensure protected access to resources.

Check out the webinar to see Prashant Jain and David Xiao from Google Cloud explain the philosophy, data flow, and Jamf integration that bring zero-touch to life for organizations using Google security infrastructure. The flexibility built into the smart group-driven compliance engine gives administrators the ability to granularly define what compliance means to them. Proving how simple it is, Owen Johnson, Jamf enterprise support engineer, walks through the three steps of setup in under five minutes. This new integration with Google BeyondCorp is yet another reason savvy organizations investing in Google choose Jamf for mobile device management.

Visit our Google integrations resource center for more information about the ways Jamf provides a better Google experience on Apple, including links to guides, webinars and e-books to help you explore further.

To learn more about how you can integrate Google enterprise tools into your Apple MDM with Jamf, watch the full Searching for IT Simplicity with Jamf and Google webinar.

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